Friday, March 10, 2006

Updatey -datey - datey - date

I just wanted a pic of Bill today. Glacia takes a moment to sigh.

Anyway, wot 'appened on the street last night?

There Can Be Only One

Dev says to Lister and Claire that he is going to be have a son with Sunita's pregnancy and that if this time he isn't 'lucky', then maybe next time or the next, or the next, or the next.

Lister mentions this to Sunita who confronts Dev and tells him that she won't be a baby making factory for him and that he's ruined the pregnancy for her.

HRRRRMPH! I agree! You go girl! Right on.

(But I still think Davinder was a cool name.)

We're Off on the Road to Warsaw
Lena (Glacia genuflects) and her much wrinkled cleavage are back on the scene helping Blanche to get a new hip from Poland.

When Ken won't assist, the two ladies take over his computer (Lena's grandson (I'm sorry did she say he was 7? In leap years?) showed her how to use one.). They do a quick internet search for 'Hip' and 'Pole' and find some double jointed dancers instead of out of country surgeries.

Funny...when I googled 'hip' and 'pole' I got this:

Luckily, Mr. Glacia wasn't in the room when that popped up on the screen!

Blanche is also seeking a loan for www.fastcheaploans.con (.com, luv.)

I'll let MJ take it from there because there were too many fab Blanche and Lena quotes.

Scooter Hurt, Napkin Bad
Scooter has hurt himself and Gayle is pissed that they used one of her good napkins (serviettes) to cover the wound.

We Don't Mess with Historical Documents
In the midst of one of Roy's Edison moments, Tracey and Steve come barging into the restaurant to demand that Roy submit a letter to the government office saying that he is not Amy's father.

Roy told them to jump in the lake (as I would have if I had been spoken to like he was.) and Tracey can't figure out why. Neither can Haley and she asks Roy. At first he says it's the way they asked him, but then he says it's because he feels like he will be the only stable force in Amy's life. Haley says that Amy will know that they're there for her no matter what it says on the birth certificate.

Oh No! Now He's Mugging Her!

Stepford Shel managed to make it down the stairs and tell Bev that she's barred from the Rovers. Charlie is so happy that he wants to take her out for dinner.

Shel goes out with him but begs him to take her home because she doesn't want to be outdoors. After a few minutes of bad acting in the restaurant, she bolts out while Charlie's taking a call. (I HONESTLY don't understand this story line and how she became such a freak over a 2 week period.)

They take a cab back to Corrie and she starts flipping out in the cab and once again bursts into a run out of the cab. Charlie realizes that she has the money for the cab (what was he going to pay for dinner with?) and runs after her. He stops her and tells her that he needs money for the cab. She wigs out and wrestles out of his arms as her purse goes flying with all her money and Charlie has to pick it up from the street.

Luckily, Bev got to see all this action right from the point where Charlie grabs her.


Okay, I need more Bill.


GoBetty said...

You know what was scary - Lena's chest, cleavage, etc. Pics anyone?

Jacqueline said...

Mr. Glacia was screaming a bit, 'Cover it up! Cover it up!!'

GoBetty said...

It was like, some new type of material unseen on earth before. Someone should add it to the the Periodic Table of Elements.

Mushy pea said...

I couldn't take my eyes off Lena's chest for the rest of the scene I was so fascinated. (After all, I too will be like that some day.) After getting an eyeful of Lena's crepey cleavage, I'm sure that Ken will see the light, leave Deirdrie and be Lena's love slave.