Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This Family Needs an Intervention

The girls (especially Janice) are giving Sally a hard time about being 'uppity'. My favorite line is when Janice says that Sally is only working at the factory to send her girls to a posh school.

I'm sorry, at what point did working hard to give your children a good education become a BAD thing to do?

The mockery continues outside and when Sal is greeted by Kev and the girls it is discovered that....SHOCKING!!!....there's a vegetarian living on the street!!! Kelly and Janice get in some good lines trying to tempt Kev back to their flat for 'dinner' and Kev gives this very cute and saucy wink to them as he goes off with Sal.

So, now that Janice thinks it's 'uncool' to be a vegetarian, Sally is going to do everything to make sure Rosie gets vegetarian meals and serves up some veggies in that grand British cooking style known as 'boiling food beyond recognition'.

Everyone refuses to eat this, including Rosie and Sal has a breakdown.

Sally, sistah, this last year I've dealt with my sister demanding meat in our vegetarian household. So I ended up cooking two meals. Then my hubby wanted low carb. Three meals.

Now I make one. You either eat it, or make your own. I think Rosie is old enough to fry her own tofu, goddammit.

Illicit Affair
Danny is using Mike's place to have a low down dirty affair with Leanne, all under the guise of having 'business' on the side.

Shame, oh, shame.

Pathetic Partner

Hmmm, anymore sad ass than Stepford Shel STILL in her freakin' PJ's apologizing to Charlie basically for her existence?


Bev, meanwhile is sending letters to Shel begging her to get help. The last one being a pamphlet for a women's shelter. Shel is not pleased.


In the grand Battle of Entitlement, it's Blanche vs. Tracey.

Tracey is happily making plans for her new digs, when Blanche announces that she is selling the house. She wants to use that money to get a hip replacement from private medicare rather than waiting for the national health care to get her one in two years.

Bob's Your Uncle

Over at the Weatherfield Arms:

Bob is reciting poetry to Liz.

Liz twirls her hair and makes coweyes.

Steve barfs at the thought of getting a new 'uncle'.

Let Us Not Forget

Roy's grandfather died. I forgot all about this story line.

Roy inherited a large brown envelope, which I was seriously hoping would be a big wad of cash, but it was a picture of him and the grandfather and some invention by granddad cropper.


MJ said...

What were the ingredients in Sally's "Vegetable Surprise?" Her usual beans on toast and fish fingers look suddenly appetizing in comparison.

GoBetty said...

It looked like something to do with beetroot.

Kristin said...

I don't want to eat anything when "surprise" is a key word in its name. It's got the same feeling to me as mystery meat!

Pamer said...

yeah it didn't look good...too much tinned spinach by the look of it.

I live with a veggie and she makes awesome stuff

MJ said...

Pamer: You're living with someone? (Sounds of hearts breaking as we come to terms with the fact that Pamer may be taken.)

Jacqueline said...

what the ....!!!!

Paaaaaaaaaaamer! I can do veg!

Pamer said...

yeah I do live with someone...i thought we revealed this in my documentary, "Pamer: The Wonder Years".

While were here, my first name is Jason, most people called my Jay

Just turned 34 yesterday

6 foot 2, 190 lbs

brown hair, brown eyes

helluva nice guy

Pat Knight said...

The Shelly story is pathetic. It drags on & on....I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Charlie. It's so boring, it spoils the show for me.