Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Not at a lot happened last night..a lot of the same old, same old.

I'm Ready for My Close-up Mr.Stubbs

Shel tries to make it down the stairs again with her best Nora Desmond imitation.
She has a panic attack and calls Charlie, who rightfully ignores her.

She does get up her courage to come down to the pub, but runs back for a drink when the twins and Sean come in as an army of pink.

THEN she tries again to walk out the door, but wait! Bev is there! Retreat! Retreat!!

I don't get this. How crazy has she become? I know he's an ass and emotionally abusive, but enough for this? I mean, remember, she did actually walk into a door.

What are the Kiddies up to, Then?

On the Weatherfield 90210 front, Candice Zoolander is practicing her new look, 'Blue Steel'.

Tyrone also tries to fool Audrey into believing that Maria is being pursued by another salon. He calls up as Mr.Fredricke or some such nonsense, but Audrey does not fall for it - especially when Kev breaks into the phone call to tell her that her car is ready.

I think Rosie is selling her cloths on the internet, which is good, because I'm in the market for some goth wear.

She's also become a vegetarian. I hope Fred doesn't attack her.

Oirish Eyes are NOT Smiling

Oirish girl does make an appearance and Steve tells her that he's seeing Tracey.

Just in case she didn't get the message, Tracey reads her the riot act. (hee-hee, she called her 'Riverdance' girl.)

This pissed of Steve, and he's realized that he can't be with Tracey because she's crazy and he has feelings for Louise. This is going be a surprise to our Ms. Barlow who believes that Steve has asked her to move in with him. (Actually, she suggested it and he didn't say 'no'...didnt' say 'yes', but didn't say 'no'.)

I will say, Tracey was looking extra hot in her last scene at Steve's place.


John said...

Is it just Oirish Girl that brings it out in her or is Tracey really that bigoted against the Irish?

I hate Tracey for chasing Oirish Girl away, even if Tracey is indeed, sometimes hot.

Jackie said...

I don't think that Tracey needs an excuse to have that aditude drawn out of her, it's always just below the surface waiting to pounce. lol

Jacqueline said...

and I've said before, Steve is Irish. Doesn't he ever get insulted?

I want the Oirish girl to stay!

Pamer said...

Trace called her an "Irish Whore" last night...that must've hurt