Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Update with Dogs Playing Poker

I Hear Kandinsky Is Beautiful This Time of Year.

The Barlows are still reeling from losing 'our Tracey and our Amy' - especially Diedre who is all tears and such.

Blanche has other concerns and says (kind of rightly) that Tracey is all about #1 and not to worry about her. Instead, everyone should worry about her upcoming trip to Gdansk (or was it Kandinsky?).

Liz comes over to console Deidre about Tracey's departure and to apologize for Steve's behaviour. From the file 'Who Didn't See THAT Coming?', Liz lets it known that she knew Steve had no intention of marrying Tracey and Deidre is furious. It seems that their friendship is over.

Liz cries to Steve about this, but he is more concerned about whether or not Liz managed to find out where Tracey is.

The Cropper Code
Roy has made a full scale model of his perpetual energy machine and hooked it up all over the cafe.

Haley may actually kill him.

Dev wants to buy a new house for 250,000 pounds (innit like $500,000 Canadian?) and needs to come up with some cash.

So he lets Stevo know that he's selling his half of the streetcar business and that Steve has first kick at the cat. Course, Steve don't have that kind of cash!!!

Clean Sweep
Sarah and Scooter messed up (no pun intended) again and left Gayle's house in shambles. Gayle tells Audrey that she's going to chuck them out, so Audrey goes over and inspires all the chilluns to do some housework.

Poor Sarah - she looks all Cinderelli!

Cinderelly, Cinderelly
Night and day it's Cinderelly
Make the fire, fix the breakfast
Wash the dishes, do the mopping
And the sweeping and the dusting
They always keep her hopping

Naaaaaaah...I'm on board with Gayle with this one. Do my dishes!

Ken's House Party 2006
Anyone catch the happy little hand clap Ken gave at the thought of having all the women in his life out of the house?

He SAYS he's going to catch up on some reading.

I'm thinking Turkish dancers and a house party featuring the musical stylings of Fiddy Cent.

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Pamer said...

LOL Ken's House Party!!! he can invite Kid and Play to DJ

I did notice that little boy gleam in his eyes as the women dashed off to Danzig (or is it Gdansk)

you just know that Tracy will be back to spoil his debauchery