Thursday, March 30, 2006

Update - Retro Dance Party

I Want to Ride My Bicycle
Liz and 'Bob' are trying to find some common ground when it comes to what they should do on their 'dates'. 'Bob' has already taken Liz and her 6" heels on a biking tour of surrounding countryside.

Liz was brave, but is now trying to find out if there are other activities they could do together.

Why is it that whenever anyone says 'Bob' it sounds like such an attack on the ears? They really should learn how to say that name properly. Baaaaaaaaaab.

She's a Model And She's Looking Good
The Twins! The Twins! I heart the twins.

They decided to join Candice at the model agency auditions. When Jason suggests that perhaps they aren't model material, they correct him by saying, it's all about style and if the camera loves you. Jason asks, what if the camera hates you?

Twin #1 - Show him your passport photo.
Twin #2 (holding it out for him to see) - True love baby, true love.

Unfortunately, the modeling agency didn't see it that way and they were tossed out of the auditions.

Ummm....personally, in all seriousness, I think they'd be great models, unique and avant garde - especially marketed as twins. They need to call John Galliano(Jacqueline genuflects) - check out the model he uses.

Candice is also there with Warren and when the modeling agency lady starts flirting with Warren, Candice suggest that he make nice in order to give her a better chance.

Key Candice moments.
#1 - She wore an outfit that I fear we will see on Liz at some later date.
#2 - She's learning French (or something like it)
#3 - She tells Warren that they can move to Paris so that she can model and he can play for - wait for it - 'Paris United'.

Carplifters of the World, Unite
Scooter and Sarah are planning to steal old lady Maloney's fish!

Sarah originally thought this was cool, but her interest is waning.

Scooter is beginning to earn points with me. I thought he was pretty vacant up to this point.

I Got You Babe
Tracey is giving Steve a hard time about seeing Amy - in fact she won't let him.

Steve is getting solicitor and will take her to court to get parental rights. He has also got Roy to agree to testify that Amy isn't his kid.

The last word from Tracey is that she will testify that Amy is the result of some one night stand...with Morrissey. (okay - maybe not with Morrissey.)

Girlfriend in A Bedroom
Shel is convinced that what she needs to give her the confidence to face the world again is ... a new face. She is going to have plastic surgery.

Charlie is actually being kind and sane boyfriend at this point as he tells her that she really doesn't need it.

In another sweeping victory for feminism, Shel tells him that for a woman, the only that is important is how she looks.

You go girl!!! That's the right attitude to have!

Charlie is starting to make cow eyes at Violet (who I kind of think is cow eyeing back...maybe just a bit.)and says he can't figure out what's wrong with Shel.

'She's got me, what more could any woman want?'

Glacia screams out, 'TESTIFY!'


Shna said...

I swear to the good lord above, if Violet gets with Charlie I will never watch Corrie again!

papasmurf said...

Doesn't Beckham play For Paris United? (PU?)

Pamer said...

Maybe our Shel is leaving the show and they need the face lift angle to introduce a "New Shelly". You know, so they don't lose the character, just the person playing her. So Shel comes back as a 5'10", brunette and no one bats an eye. LOL

Jacqueline said...

Is that what happened to Amy?

Pamer said...

oh yeah...

Pamer's Wife's comment about Candice:
"her nipples are going to tear right through her top"


Jacqueline said...

mrs. pamer coool

MJ said...

Let's hear more from Mrs. Pamer!

papasmurf said...

Was it just me or was the new 'Streetcars' driver (I forget his name - LLoyd maybe) making some obscure Red Dwarf - Hitchhiker's Guide refernce when he was asking Steve if his call number could be something other than '42' which I think is the answer to the meaning of life in one of those series/books.

Pamer said...

yeah!! 42 is the infinite answer to the universe..according to the Hitchikers Guide

Pamer said...

More Pamer's Wife quips to come...surely

Jacqueline said...

okay - so it wasn't just me.

I noticed the number too. (but not the number 2)