Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Update - Now with Mr. Glacia Comment

Whenever I'm in Glasgow, I Like to Have Some Siggah.

So I figured it out. Mike and Alma are on holidays and Adam went out with Jamie the night that Danny and Leanne had their tryst.

Jamie was looking rough at the Barlows, however, Adam came in late to the shop looking even worse with the word 'Haggis' written in red ink on his forehead. Too much Hctocs the night before, it would seem.

Leanne finds out that she lost the earring that Jamie gave her in Mike's place; so Danny has to go back to find it and gets caught by Mada, who has come home to clean up before going back to work. There's an awkward moment and Danny is trying to yell at Adam without looking guilty.

Grandfather of Invention
Roy is trying to get his grandfather's invention working. Quite frankly, I don't know what it is, I haven't been paying too much attention to this story line. (Chesney's getting involved somehow too.)

Mother of all Worries
Bev is going around the bend with worry about Shel. She barges through the pub and gets to Shel where she begs her to just come out with her and she promises not to talk about Charlie.

Now, here's the surprising part...Shel tells her no and asks her to leave her alone. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (This story line is going on FAR too long if you ask me.)

Then Shel gets pissed at Ciaren for letting Bev in in the first and tells him if he does it again...wait for it....he'll lose his job. (Even the threats are getting boring.)

Again, I ask you, why has Fred left crazy Shel in charge of the shop.

Weatherfield Real Estate
Blanche offered the Barlows first shot at buying the house, which Danny thinks is a great idea considering she's looking for a quick sell. Frankie, however, announces that there's no way she's living in that dump. (but, but, can buy low and sell high!)

Meanwhile, back at the McDonalds, both Steve and Liz are worried that if Steve breaks up with Tracey, they'll never see Amy again. So what Steve came up with is to have Amy's birth certificate re-issued with himself listed as 'da'. That way he has a legal right to Amy.

So we go on to the scene where Tracey is making googly eyes at Steve and suggesting that they buy the house from Blanche and set up as a real family. Stev-o makes some lovely squishy faces and directs the conversation to the birth certificate.

He tells Tracey that he wants to have Amy's birth certificate done up so that he's the father and they can feel like a proper family.

Tracey wraps her arms around him and says, 'Ooo Steve, silly...there's an easier way to do that.'

Mr. Glacia lets out a 'Grrrumph! Ha!!!'

'Your divorce is coming through soon. We can just get married.'

Mr. Glacia screams, 'Ha! You got baited and landed on that one, buddy!'

Glacia asks him about it and he replies, 'C'mon! You know this woman is a evil conniving witch!'

Yeah, he never watches.


Pamer said...

Mr. Glacia rules!

GoBetty said...

I am a bit mad at Steve-o. But Tracy is falling into the trap willingly.

bookluver1965 said...

Wonderful stuff. Just don't let Penny know that Mike went on holidays with his dead ex-wife!!