Thursday, March 23, 2006

Update for the Last Two Days

The Marrying Man
Rita and Emily continue to read Norris's 'novel' and get to the part where 'Norrise' proposes to both Emilia and Reba,gets shot down by both and naturally becomes suicidal.

Rita and Emily, both concerned for Norris's well being flip a coin for who will marry him and save him from death. True to form, Norris comes into the shop, gets down on his knees and proposes first to Rita then to Emily - both saying, 'No.'

He then lets them know that it was all a joke and punishment for them being...wait for it....Nosey Parkers. (Booom! I knew that was going to be used at some point!)

Later, in the pub, Emily puts on a boo-boo face and asks Norris why he wouldn't marry her. He starts getting flustered and she's all, 'AAAAAAAAAAh, busted dude!' and we all have a jolly laugh.

Here's to Ken, Who Died of Ennui
Ken got BORED at home and ended up joining everyone at the Rovers.

All Creatures Great and Small
Sean is volunteering to bring sick pets to the see the vet...who he's not sure is gay or single.

The Trouble With Tracey
Steve's bugging Ken for info on Amy, but Ken tells him he just doesn't have any info for hom.

Double Your Pleasure
Twin A is pissed at Twin B because some guy asked Twin A out and Twin B insists that he's only asking Twin A out because Twin B said 'No.' to him.

Give him a break ladies, he can hardly keep the two of you straight, can he?

Thrilla in Manilla
Fred tries out his boxing skills on Diggory and almost gets ko'd with one punch from Diggory.

Realizing that he's a lover, not a fighter...Fred suggests to Evil Fred that their sons fight in their stead - without asking Ashley. If he had asked Ashley first, he would have found out that Evil Ashley is a fighting champion by the moniker of 'Maddog'.

Later, Evil Ashley comes into the shop to confront Ashley. They did have some sort of conversation, but the voices were so high that I'd have to ask my German Shepherd what it was about.

Betty's Hotpot - Now with 20% More Shelly
Shel, get out of your @#$#Q%E$%^$#% pajamas!!!

She still refuses to go downstairs and everyone on the street has their own feelings about this.

Charlie is fed up.
Bev is worried and wants Fred to demand that she go for medical exam.
Violet feels sorry for her.
Fred wants to see her.
Ciaran, well, Ciaran believes that Charlie has murdered her and is now the main ingrediant of Weatherfield's most famous recipe.

The last we see of Shel is when Charlie tells her that she needs to see Fred in order to save her job. If she doesn't save her job, the both of them will be out on the street - going their seperate ways, adds Charlie.

Calling Al-Anon
Both Frankie and Jamie are kind of blaming Danny for the Carol fiasco and he is sticking to his guns that Carol is responsible for her own life. (Which she is - and I'm behind Danny on this.)

Jamie says he's moving out and asks Leanne to get a place with him. She agrees at first but then decides that he really isn't the guy for her. Janice is getting suspcious that Leanne has someone else.

In Other News
Claire got her taxi liscence and is working for Steve.
Roy has hooked up his fabulous flying machine to the cafe and now can't open the door.
Scooter made a delivery to some snooty lady and when he spends too much time looking at her fish, she believes that he might attack her.


GoBetty said...

Sorry, this photo is of who?

John said...

The Ashley vs. Maddog Doppleganger Smackdown is just like in Infinite Crisis #5 where the Supermen of Earths 1 and 2 are pounding the crap out of each other, only the Corrie fight is even nerdier.

lexa said...

I should have posted this earlier in the month - if you look back to March 2 there's a post about Doodle Day. There were several auctions on eBay of doodles drawn by Corrie stars. Pictured in the post is a doodle by Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley). I won it!!! I haven't gotten it yet, but when I do I am taking it to work and getting it framed nicely. (There's a custom framing section in the store where I work.) I will post a pic on my blog when it's finished!

Jacqueline said...

pat phoenix who played elsie tanner