Tuesday, March 07, 2006

These Needed Their Own Entry

A young Corrie Canuck named Geoff
Wrote limericks centre, right and left.
His writing was peerless,
They left Glacia fearless;
Who now takes her tea with some meth.**

Thanks to Geoff - we now have a wicked crazy amount of limericks. My favorite is the stubsy one.

(**Glacia does not condone nor support the use of crystal meth as a sugar substitute.)

Our Craig is a gorgeous young goth
Who's incurring our Sally's wrath.
He's obsessed with her daughter,
But Sal's got the water
To put out the flame to his moth.

Deirdre's old mother, Blanche Hunt
Was at first sight a miserable cow.
But with her put downs,
Became Queen of the town.
She's our favourite character now.

Men young and old must take heed
Of Mrs Langton/Barlow/Rachid.
Though she looks like no sinner,
She'll eat you for dinner,
For Ken's not enough for her needs.

Squeaky voiced simpleton Ash
Was eating his sausage and mash,
As Hillman instead
Of bashing Em's head,
Gave Maxine the fatal gash.

There is a young man called Tyrone
Who's like a dog with a bone
When he's with Maria,
But when he don't see her,
Tyrone has to do it alone.

If you want some household repairs
Stubbsy's your man, if you dare.
He doesn't take tips
But his cruel, twisted lips
Will entice you back to his lair.

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Geoff said...

Cheers, Jacqueline.

I like Pamer's, especially the one about Violet.