Thursday, March 02, 2006

Terry Duckworth's Back, Terry Duckworths Back, Derry Tuckworths Back!!!

Glacia claps her hands and skips around her room, cause we know she looooooooooves the bad boys!

Okay, it's on Classic Corrie, but still...Terry Duckworths back, Terry Ducworths back.


Just very quickly, and I'll try to pop one off tommorow, but I'm running off with my favorite husband for a naughty weekend.

-Tracey convinced Blanche to kick the Barlows out of their house and rent it to her and Steve. She doesn't know that Steve is ready to give her to boot - which is kind of understandible since Steve SLEPT with her the previous night.

- Shel is crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. Charlie asked Betty to go up and talk to her where Shel trys to sell Charlie as Ghandi and asks Betty to swear on her son's life that she believes that Charlie would never hurt her.

- Jason accuses Charlie of being in 'lurv' and Charlie agrees saying something about, wait for it, being under her control. Glacia spent a half hour cleaning up the spilled tea and bickies after that comment.

- Sally starts her first day as seamstress and goes in believing she's above the rest of the workerbees. They give her a 'special' tea spiked with Eau de La Walmart. Sal knows this, but drinks it anyway to prove something, I guess.

-Rosie still a veg. Sally pissed and demands that she eats her pork chop. Note to Sal - tofu is very, very cheap.


MJ said...

So you'll be having a Frisky Friday then?

Jacqueline said...

very frisky indeed, miss, very frisky indeed.

John said...

If Rosie doesn't eat her meat, she can't have any pudding. How can she have any pudding if she doesn't eat her meat?

TD's other Lisa said...

I love, love love Terry Duckworth- so glad he married a Lisa. Pity about her sudden demise. Still has me watching both ways before I cross the street.

GoBetty said...

Nice Pink ref John.