Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Suranne Suranne

The past year has been a huge success for actress Suranne Jones on stage and screen, after leaving her role as feisty Karen McDonald in Coronation Street.

But Suranne, now back in Manchester filming a second series of hit ITV drama Vincent, with Ray Winstone, says she'll never forget the soap where she made her name.

Viewers loved the chemistry between Suranne and on-screen husband Steve McDonald, played by actor Simon Gregson, and the actress still keeps the odd reminder of her McDonald past.

"I actually have Simon listed in my phone as Steve McDonald and he's also on my house keyrings - there's a picture of him on there so I can keep him with me all the time!

"I loved working on Corrie, and I still watch it all the time.In fact, I ring up my friend Sally Lindsay [Corrie's Shelley Unwin] if I'm working late and say: "You're going to have to tell me this week's storylines."

Suranne has spent the last six months in London after her debut in the West End, alongside Hollywood superstar Rob Lowe, in legal drama A Few Good Men. But she's loving being back home in Manchester.

Since leaving Corrie last year she's dropped a dress size through sensible eating and exercise. She's also happily still single - after breaking up with long-term boyfriend, fellow ex-Corrie star Jonathan Wrather, last year.

Jonathan Wrather (our Joe Carter)

"I'm dead happy. After splitting with Jonathan, I had a few dates, some documented some not, but that's all they were," she confides.

"It sounds so awful, but I really like being on my own. I'm 27, I love the company of my friends and love not having to answer to anybody.

"But there are people in my phone book and, if they ask me out on a date, sometimes I'll say yes, sometimes I'll say no. My flat mate, Mel, is single so we've decided that if I get a boyfriend she has to, or vice versa, but for now we're quite happy doing each other's washing and cooking each other's dinner!"

There's also plenty of excitement for Suranne's character, Beth, in Vincent - as this year she's got a sexy new image and more simmering sexual tension between her and private investigator Vincent, played by Ray Winstone.

Suranne with Ray Winstone

Male fans may also be pleased to hear that the minimiser bras she had to wear last year have now been consigned to the back of the wardrobe!

Suranne’s pre-minimiser days

"The audience are like voyeurs onto Vincent and Beth. There's something there, but they don't know what's happening themselves," Suranne says.

"Beth's getting sexy, she's got confidence.

"There are lots of skirts in my wardrobe this year, and knee-high boots. And there's just normal bras this year - there's a bit of cleavage, a bit of knee, but she's still got that classy look."

Viewers can catch the new series on ITV1 later this year.

Source: Manchester Evening News (edited)


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