Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sunita Uncensored - Spoiler Alert

Part 2 of Halifax visit.



* Sunita is not on the street anymore. Shobna confirmed she did not renew her contract and was done as of Feb. 01. She would not reveal her departure storyline, but urged people to watch. (Mark your calendars for nine months from now!) In fact she was a little choked up, praising the writing and the plot.

* Also leaving are our Shelly and our Martin. For the women, it’s a chance to spread their acting wings, although Shobna stressed they both had enjoyed their run. For her, as a “lone” or single parent, the 12-hour days, and six days a week Corrie schedule was talking a toll on her relationship with her 10-year-old son. “I need to spend some time with him,” she said.

* She will be working though, on a show I believe is called Where the Heart Is. Also in the cast is Richard Hillman. She also hinted at a Richard Hillman related development on Corrie, but again, wouldn’t reveal any surprises.

* The reason behind Martin’s departure wasn’t revealed – sorry, no one asked! However, the plot line involves him moving to another city with a love interest. “Is she 13,” cracked one audience wag. No, she isn’t.

* Martin will spend a lot of time apparently talking on the phone to our David though, who will be going through a crisis of some sort. Again, no real details, but lots of praise for the young actor’s handling of the pressure.

* Charlie finally “gets what he deserves,” she said gleefully. “He gets Tracey.” (There was much joyous laughter at that.)

* She wouldn’t reveal how Steve and Tracey break up, did add that Steve gets a new love interest, and it ain’t the Oirish girl. It’s someone she described as a “gangster’s moll.”

* Shelley and Sunita eventually make up “but you’ll have to watch for how that happens. It’s really quite moving.”

* Mike Baldwin develops Alzheimer’s and the battle for control of Underworld gets ugly, with Danny Baldwin playing some dirty tricks.

* Shobna hinted there was another layer to the plot – asking “do you know who Danny is?”. The guess was he’s really Mike’s long lost son, not nephew, but she wasn’t saying.

* Danny and Leanne’s affair ‘goes pear-shaped’. (Like we didn’t see that coming???)

* Sunita has not one, but two babies: a boy and a girl. When she talked about Sunita’s departure, Shobna did say something along the lines of “Dev is all about the boy”, which had some of the audience conjecturing Dev’s character suddenly becomes Sean-like.

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