Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Smeghead! (minor spoilers for those who wait until Sunday)

Corrie got a new cast member tonight. Craig Charles has joined the street as Lloyd Mullaney, the newest driver for Streetcars.

Charles is best known for his work as Dave Lister: the ska, lager, and curry loving Liverpudlian on the BBC sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf. The show's premise was that an intergalactic mining ship was struck by a disaster in which all of its crew perished, save Lister, who was in stasis at the time, serving some minor punishment. Revived three million years later, Lister is the only human left in the universe with only a hologram of an obnoxious dead crew member and a humanoid descended from his pet cat for company. And an android. And a snarky computer.

Over the years, he embarked on many adventures, including passing through an alternate universe where he met his female counterpart with whom he had sex and, because its an alternate universe, he gave birth to twins. In another episode, the crew travelled back in time in search of curry and inadvertantly prevented the assasination of JFK.

The post's title comes from his favourite insult.

With its use of comtemporary sci-fi themes such as the aforementioned multiverse as well as time travel in a sit-com style, despite its tiny budget, Red Dwarf was often much more inventive than Star Trek.

Welcome to the street, Smeghead.


Jacqueline said...

you is too fast is too fast.

Pamer said...

Man I used to love that show...cracked me up everytime he would say "Rimmer"

John said...

I used a knitting picture just for this blog.

MJ said...

John: Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Cheers for the crafty photo.

Jacqueline said...

Totally wasn't unnoticed.

The minute lister came on the screen I was thinking...I need to race downstairs and blog this before John beats me to it.

I'm a geek. But a lazy, lazy geek.