Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sign of the Apocolypse

Wayne Rooney, footballer extraordinaire for Manchester United and England, has signed a 5 million pound book deal with Harper Collins to write a series of five books over the next twelve years. Write five books? I doubt if he has even read five books in his lifetime. Any prose he is known for is usually of the purple variety and is generally directed at the nearest football official, the opposing team's fans, or his fellow best selling author, David Beckham. Is there enough material that might even be vaguely interesting enough for one magazine article, let alone five books? Perhaps there will be lots of pictures.

I think they should give the money to five members of the Coronation Street cast and have them write 5 books about their experiences on the cobblestones over the years.

On a brighter note, the city of Bristol is planning on erecting a statue of Wallace and Gromit, which I think is highly commendable.

(if I were talented like MJ or one of my other contributers I would inseert a picture of Wallace and Gromit with Man U uniforms on. Sadly, I am an idiot)

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MJ said...

With that many pages to fill, perhaps Wayne will mention the fact that he's a Corrie fan.

Norris seems to be in need of literary company these days. Let's get Norris off Ken's back by teaming him up with Wayne to work on their collective memoirs.