Thursday, March 09, 2006

Roll Up the Rim: A Canadian Pastime


Our overseas readers may be under the impression that we Canadians are a nation of beer swilling, hockey playing poutine eaters. And so we are.

But there’s so much more that unites us as a nation. I speak of Tim Hortons “Roll Up The Rim To Win” contest. (Note to foreign visitors: You must roll your r’s thusly: “R-r-roll up the R-r-im to Win.”)

Each year, from March ‘til May, Tim Horton’s (a national donut chain) holds a marketing campaign in which coffee drinkers roll up the rim of their paper cup to see if they’ve won grand prizes like SUVs and plasma TVs. Or a free donut. (Note to foreign visitors: Only roll up the rim of an empty cup.)

Now the Roll Up The Rim coffee cup may be r-r-rolling into court as two Quebec families are fighting over who gets the prize.

In other news, Tim Hortons opens in Kandahar.


Pamer said...

now the teacher that threw away the cup is threatening legal action against the other two families...sheesh!!!

Jacqueline said...

My co-worker has on his MSN 'Spring is coming becuase it's Rrrrrrrrrrrroll up the Rrrrrrrrrim.'

He actually marks seasons by coffe events.

I on the other hand, am a shit Canadian because I don't drink the stuff.

Deborah said...

All of my English relatives who have visited from England in the last few years can't get enough of 'Timmy Hortons'. I've just mailed one of them a Timmy's teapot.

Has anyone rolled up a winner yet this season? We haven't won anything.

papasmurf said...

The nectar of the gods I say.

Ang said...

I have friends in the UK who love the stuff as well. One of them has a young daughter and instead of having tea parties they play Tim Hortons. He orders his double double, and they eat boston cream donuts.

I've one a couple coffees so far, but that is it. I know someone who knows someone who won a TV the second day of the contest.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog. Nice job.