Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pamerpalooza 2006

In honour of our Pamer making it to Toronto, I'm going to set up an emergency Corrie ping fest.

April 7

I'm going to suggest the Banknote at King and Bathurst as I know for sure it won't be crazy packed on a friday afterwork.

I'm open for time suggestions 6pm or 7pm? If peeps want to go home first or head out straight after work.

Who's in?


GoBetty said...

Without looking at my calendar (it's in another room), I will say I'm in, barring a possible tournament that I'm in but not sure when it is or if I have a Friday night game.

Ang said...

I'm just getting home from New York City that day, but I'll try to make it out. I'll also have a look at what's going on around town for you Pamer.

GoBetty said...

Cannot come... there's a team thing planned that night. Wah.