Monday, March 13, 2006

Online With Blanche and Lena

Lena: 'Right. Keywords. Hips!' What else?'

Blanche: 'The Poles.'

Blanche: 'She doesn't look much like a surgeon to me.'

Deirdre: 'I think that's because she's a pole dancer!'

Lena: 'I think those hips must be double jointed.'

Blanche: 'Ooh I don't want double jointed. I have enough trouble controlling what I've got!'

Deirdre: 'Neither of you have a clue what you are doing.'

Blanche: 'I tell you what. If she has had hip replacements, I'd like to know where they've hidden the scars.'

1 comment:

kowy said...

My Aunt just got broadband and therefore, my grandparents are being introduced to the joys of web-surfing.

I have a mental picture of my Granny having that exact conversation.