Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lazy Jackie Updates

Sorry loves, crazy lazy day.

Last night:

1) Tracey found out that Steve told Blanche that he didn't want to buy the house. She put 2 and 2 together and told Steve to go to hell, that he was never seeing Amy again and then she trounced off to Peter.

2) Charlie offered Ciaren a job - I assume to get him out of the pub and away from Shel.

3) Gayle (and for once I agree with her)read the riot act to Sarah and Scooter that they couldn't just be pigs around the house. They had a hissy fit, but then realized she was right and asked if Scooter could move in with them.

4) Roy wants to install the energy machine (getting energy from the door opening) in the cafe.

Yup...that's me lazy.

BTW - for any Classic Corrie watchers...is Don annoying as hell or is it just me?


Lisa said...

When Don 'stumpy' Brennan met his fiery demise I for one did a happy dance.

MJ said...

Don needs a foot up his ass.

lori said...

Speaking of Classic Corrie,, poooooor Vera today,,and Jack actually KISSED her on the shoulder/neck. WOW!!!!!!!!! Gotta luv that Terry.

Lisa said...

BTW I'll be away for two weeks leaving a week tomorrow for New Zealand. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! All expenses paid.

MJ said...

Lisa: Not that you'll be watching telly but you can watch Corrie reruns while you're in New Zealand. They're about a month behind us so if you missed any episodes in Canada, this will be your chance to catch up.

Pamer said...

oh I'm jealous Lisa!!! We were in New Zealand about 2 years ago and w loved it. 2 weeks of exploring a truly wonderful country.

Don't forget to try the MacDonald's Mc Kiwi burger...DEE-LISH

Jacqueline said...

Lisa, while there, you should visit sunny


(Knowing how to pronounce this was my party trick as a kid.)

Lisa said...

Only 6 more sleeps from today. I was there once before with my ex-husband during the ice storm. We thought we'd say screw the ice storm & went to where it was summer. It's August-like there now. As for the McDonalds Kiwiburger ( the biggest seller there btw) I have a pic that I will scan & send to J. Nothing more yummy than a beef patty, a fried egg & slices of beet... I tried it though and it is indeed as disgusting as it sounds. I love NZ but they put beets in everything. I'm sure I'll get over it as I lie on the beach with my beet free zone signs surrounding me.