Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is Julie Hesmondhalgh a Druid?

No, not at all. But someone in the press claimed she was. From a profile of the actress at This is Lancashire:

IT'S NOT unknown for today's celebrities to turn their wedding day into a money-making publicity stunt.

But when Julie Hesmondhalgh tied the knot with Ian Kershaw last June, it was at a £30-a-night hotel in Wales with just a selection of family and friends.

However, the romantic secret wedding was rumbled by one national newspaper - which promptly ran a story about Julie being a druid.

Laughing about it now, six months on, Julie said: "It was all a big secret because we didn't want any press there.

"The thing is, it was a very boring wedding for them so they put some spin on it. The place is called Druidston and so they said I was a druid and it was a druid ceremony on a cliff top.

"It was like, Spendthrift Julie, who earns in excess of two hundred million pounds a year, booked into the £30-a-night hotel and hers was the only room with amenities.

"We gave them an official picture on us on the beach but they also used a massive one of me in a swimming costume with a towel wrapped around me, swigging champagne out of a bottle."


She said: "We always go back there. It is a family-run hotel in a place we really love. It is beautiful and in the middle of nowhere.

"When I told the press office about it they asked what the security was like and I just laughed - there aren't even any locks on the bedroom doors. They could have caught me in 'flagrante' on my wedding night if they wanted."

Last night Julie Hesmondhalgh won best actress at the TV Quick Awards.

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