Sunday, March 19, 2006

I really enjoyed the birthday bacchanal...and I'm absolutely gagging to see Frankie catch these two.
I was really hoping that during the tongue lashing Frankie got in the car while she was doing drunken mom the favour of driving her home would have made Frankie lose her temper and chuck her by the side of the road.
But then Frankie shows us that she's got remorse, and a conscience and knows she deserves to take her verbal lumps. On another note, if you were heading over to see your son on his birthday at your ex husband who ran off and lives with your hot ex-babysitters house, wouldn't you at least run a comb through your hair? Get a manicure? Dress up a little? Buy a new outfit?
You wouldn't show up on their doorstep looking like you've been dragged through a bush backwards and cats have been sucking on your hair.

I was really hoping that when Frankie said, "I would kill any woman who did that to me..." was forshadowing for the demise of Leanne, whose character I've always despised.
But, then...Danny needs a good ego beating too.
With a little luck, some hot guy comes to town and Frankie runs off with him, and Danny gets his comeupance.


Serenity Now! said...

I was having serious difficulties today... the tracking was off on CBC while I was watching it and despite the fact that I've listened to their accents for years, I realize now that I also rely on WATCHING THEIR MOUTHS MOVE to understand what the heck they are saying! I missed several parts of the show!

MJ said...

Ken's doing nowt this week what with Deirdre and Blanche out of the house. Frankie could pop 'round there for some action.

Jackie said...

I like Frankie, I hope that she finds someone that will treat her with the respect she deserves. And I hope that the boys will ditch Danny, and move in with Frankie, that will teach him!

oh, and I'm so sick of Miss Leannes, "I can't do this" then jumps into bed anyway routine. grrrr

GoBetty said...

Love Leanne for some reason...

Jackie said...

I find myself struggling between really liking her, and not being able to stand her at the same time. Basically, when she's not sleeping with Danny, I like her, lol