Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Like Meerkats, Me. (UPDATE)

Meerkat Love
I may never go back to the zoo after last night's episode.

So Rita and Emily have continued to be snoopy, snoopy about Norris's novel and Rita tells Emily that she needs to hear what Norris has written.

Brace yourselves, possums.

The novel goes into great detail about 'Norrisse', church going 'Emile', and fiery redhead 'Reba'.

Brace, brace yourselves, possums...

and their ménage à trois (Mr.Glacia, upon hearing Rita utter those words, yells from his desk, 'What?!') in the Meerkat cage of the zoo.

When Emily hears this, she says, 'I like Meerkats. Norris knows that. I have them on my dishtowel.'

Oooooooooooooooh, not the dishtowel!!!! Norris, how could you?!!

Later that day, Emily and Rita are at the Rovers and when Norris comes in he asks if he can join them for a 'threesome'.

Oh lord, porn and Corrie make Glacia nervous.

BTW - at the end there's a smirk on Norris's face that I suspect means he's having them on.

More Depravity
Ken had TWO doughnuts for breakfast.

He's just sitting around in his pj's and NOT shaving. The level of decadence is out of control.

Meanwhile, Jason and some yob are outside doing work in Ken's backyard when a loud crash disturbs Ken's marathon couch potato event. A large metal object has broken the kitchen window.

For some reason this means that Jason needs to sit in the living/dining room and talk about his coldsore to Ken. Ken completely loses it and basically calls Jason a brainless idiot and stomps out of the room.

I thinks Jaysons fealings was hert, me.

Dog Day Afternoon
Sean likes the cute vet and Cilla has offered to let him take Schmichael for his check up....if Sean will pick up the tab.

Sean debates this.

You All Suck, and I'm Leaving Home
Meanwhile at the Baldwins:

1) Frankie is sad because of Carol
2) Jamie is sad because of Carol
3) Danny is fed up because of Carol
4) Leanne is flirting because of Carol...okay maybe not because of Carol.

End result is Jamie tells Danny that he's fed up with him and is going to get his own place. Teen stomps out. Door slams.

Panic on the Streets of Weatherfield
Fred confronts Evil Fred about the slander and how he's swiped one of Fred's suppliers.

Evil Fred suggests a duo? What? What the hell does that mean? Did anyone catch that?

And why the hell is Claire so forgetful.

(Sorry, I had come in from a run and was kind of having a hard time following the first bit.)

Classic Corrie
Anyone notice that we are beginning to see the start of Evil Sally and her ambition?


papasmurf said...

I think evil Fred suggested a 'duel' - with Marquis of Queensbury rules - which to my understanding would infer a boxing match between the doppelganger butchers

papasmurf said...

I think evil Fred suggested a 'duel' - with Marquis of Queensbury rules - which to my understanding would infer a boxing match between the doppelganger butchers

papasmurf said...

oops - I doppelgangered my post

Jacqueline said...

that's weird.

that's weird.

Anonymous said...

ok so is noris writing a story and passing it as a published work? i miss a week and then i get all confused...

right and who else is finding jamie hot these days? maybe its just me...

Jacqueline said...

Norris is writing a novel with a view to have it published.

He caught Rita and Emily trying to sneak a peak at his work last week, which is why I think the whole geriatric orgy is a put on.

GoBetty said...

I think that bad-specs Claire is pregnant and this sudden forgetfulness is the writers' way of giving her "pregnancy brain"

GoBetty said...

Ooh, also there was much laughter in our living room at the meerkats threesome thing. "I like meerkats, me" was just too funny.

John said...

Claire can't be pregnant, that would mean having sex with Ashley. She's not, is she?

Emily's best line in response to the possibility that Norris would off himself, "Oh, we can't allow that now."