Friday, March 17, 2006

I Hate Liz, John's New Look, and Update

Reasons #234

So on Classic Corrie Jim's mom dies and he asks Liz to come with him to the funeral. This she refuses because 'not a McDonald anymore'.

At the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame time, she expects Fionna to visit Steve in jail cause it would cheer him up. The same Steve that did Fionna wrong?

Woman....are you mad?

You expect that Fionna, who dated Steve for a short time, owes him a visit in jail while you leave your poor schmuck of an ex-hubby out in the cold when his mother dies?

me no like her.


I love John's new icon and encourage everyone to take up a corrie character even for a short time.

I know MJ and I will battle for Bet, but I may give in to Lena.

Update (Spoiler Alert)
It's all a bit fuzzy right now, but I seem to recall a lot of drunken screaming.

Oh that's right...Bio-mom decides to come to Jamie's birthday party.

Danny wants her to go away (I'm REALLY with Danny on this one.) but Frankie out of some kind of guilt invites her in to join them.

In a shocking move, Bio-mom gets really drunk and starts crying how cruel everyone and life in general is to her.

Danny loses it and literally tosses her ass out of the house, where she decides to start banging and screaming to be let back in. (Glacia would be calling the police on this one.) Jamie and Frankie feel bad for her and they end up driving her back home in Frankie's car because Danny refuses to let them use the company van.

Bio-mom continues to hurl abuses at Frankie in the car until she passes out. Frankie admits that she feels guilty because she slept with Danny in Bio-mom's own bed when she was the babysitter.

Frankie mentions that she would kill anyone who did that to her, which is funny because.....

Back at the Baldwins, Leanne and Danny are doing the horizontal tango on Frankie's matrimonial bed.

Fred Wars - Attack of the Clones Part Deux
Fred's Evil Twin has posted slanderous material on Fred's own butcher window!

Mrs. Slocombe Would Be Proud
Eileen, Violet and Sean tell Jason that they bought him a cat and wait until Jason finally gets around to petting the ex-cat. (Sean says there's a good opportunity for a Mrs. Slocombe comment but resists the urge.)

Later Jason and Violet are alone and Jason professes his love for her and suggests that they get married right away and have a litter of Jasons.

Shrinking Violet, does just that - shrinks away and tells him she's way too young.

Good for you girl!


John said...

Leanne and Danny are completely shameless, aren't they?

Jamie: "Frankie and I are going to drive my alcoholic mother back to Birmingham, after she showed up drunk, made a scene, and made everyone cry, officially making this my Worst Birthday Ever. I'd appreciate it if you came with me for moral support."

Leanne: "No, I'll stay here and bang your dad, if it's all the same to you."

Danny: "Come on, Leanne. Up the stairs, apples n' pears. We still haven't done it in front of Jamie's childhood photos."

MJ said...

John: Stop! Yer killin' me! (MJ falls off chair into laughing convulsions.)
Jacqueline: Bet's all yours. Why not alternate between Bet and Lena depending on your mood?