Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, David Neilson

DAVID NEILSON (Our Roy Cropper)

Born: March 13, 1949 in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England

Bits and Bytes about David Neilson

Married to Jane and has a son Daniel.

David Neilson’s home is in Barcelona. He commutes to Manchester, staying at his flat in the city when required for Roy’s role in the caff.

Has worked as a gas fitter, plumber, ice cream salesman and barman.

Since becoming an actor, has had stints as a theatre director, taught drama, and wrote plays.

He was interviewed for his current role as Roy Cropper after having been recommended for it by the late writer, Stephen Mallatratt.

The character Roy Cropper debuted on Coronation Street in 1995. Roy lived in the top flat of Mike Baldwin’s investment flats on Crimea Street. Deirdre was caretaker of the building. She’s hoovering the hallway when Roy comes down the stairs and makes his debut appearance.

Roy’s introduction to the Street – 1995

The shopping bag Roy carries belonged to David’s mum, who died just before he got his Coronation Street role. It contains David’s script, a key on a string and a compass in case Roy gets lost.

David has a degree in Humanities from the Open University, is learning Spanish and has an unfinished novel set in the world of TV.

He’s a passionate supporter of Leicester City Football Club.

David comments on his job…
“This job is something you know how to do and it’s good because there are good scripts. But it’s very much a job. It’s as necessary as plumbing, as the sewers. That’s what I do.”

David’s words about Roy…
“Roy is absolutely his own person and hugely honourable. Some people think he’s simple. He’s not. He’s a very complex man with hidden depths. And there’s lots more to explore.”

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