Saturday, March 04, 2006

Go Betty at The British Isles Show

My husband and I went down the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Grounds at 9:45am this morning. The show is NOT in the large new convention centre on the right as you come in the Prince's gates (where The One Of A Kind craft show usually is). It is in the Queen Elizabeth Building which is near the west end of the CNE. Follow the signs for the parking.

As soon as we walked through the door Shobna did too. We basically came in together, although we came in the main doors and she came in a side door with a few cops and PR people. She was whisked away to a waiting area behind a snack trolley.

We tootled around the show for a little bit and bought a few groceries.

Then I noticed a small crowd in front of The Fan radio booth. There was Shobna giving a little live to air talk about football. I was really close to her and took a few pics.

Later Nick and I saw Ang in line for the autographs. The line was really long. Ang was in the front of the line for the 2pm signings. This was at about 11am. What a long day for Ang!

Anyway, it was great fun. The show is rather small, you can do everything in an hour.

Enjoy the pictures!!

Shobna is gorgeous in real life.


MJ said...

Thanks for the photos! Much appreciated by those of us who couldn't travel the distance to the show.

GoBetty said...

I'm really glad we went. Standing 15 feet from Sunita was kind of cool.

Deborah said...

Ang managed to get in the 11am Shobna signing and I saw her there just after noon. I just hope the photos I took for her turned out. It was great to see Ang again-third time in two weeks. (she's a great person!!)

I joined the line at 12:30pm for the 2pm signing. The time in line flies by because you are chatting to everyone-its my favourite part of the show. Shobna was so nice. I asked her about working with Keith Duffy (Ciaran). We both said how lucky she was. She signed the photo of us, plus the one taken 3 years ago when I met her, plus two cast cards I had. We also heard Shobna singing while standing in line, plus saw her interviewed later on. We bought some steak pies, crisps and other goodies. (easy to spend a lot of money in a very short time.) I also subscribed to On the Air magazine, instead of buying it every other month. It was a great day!

GoBetty said...

Deborah, heard your PING was great! You should do an update about it here!

Deborah said...

Thanks. I've been busy the last few days, but finally downloaded the photos tonight and will write a review of the night tomorrow.

Too bad we missed you at the Brit show today.

Ang said...

Yes we managed to sneak in to the 11pm signing line. Thank goodness for that! Met some great folks in line. The ones in front of me came all the way from Ottawa, and the ones behind me were originally from Cape Breton. So great conversations all the way to the front.

Betty it was good to see you, too bad it wasn't for longer. Next time!

Deborah you are such a dear! thanks for taking the pictures, and for the chats. I did a bit more shopping. Picked up a couple Real Men Watch Coronation Street shirts, and one On The 8th Day God Made Coronation Street. I thought that was priceless. Also got my subsciption to On Air, and had to enter the raffle for the album! could you imagine?

Deborah said...

I found out last night that my friend in Halifax won the wedding album!! Her boyfriend bought her a ticket. What a keepsake she has, so lucky.

I am so glad I met you on here Ang. We'll have to plan our next get together.

Corrie fans really are the nicest people aren't they!!