Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ghost Gets Cheeky

Séance on Coronation Street

Ghostly goings-on in pubs have been reported as long as tipplers have been seeing pink elephants. Longtime Coronation Street viewers may remember Ivy Tilsley’s ghost in The Rovers.

Here’s the latest haunted pub story from the UK…

A randy ghost is getting cheeky with women at a pub — by pinching them on the bottom.

Staff have reported a series of incidents with the groping ghoul at the 115-year-old inn.

He approaches women working in the kitchen at the Cornish Arms in St Blazey, Cornwall.

Lisa Potter, 28, says she has been spooked several times since taking over the pub six months ago with husband Craig.

She added: “It goes very cold and then it feels as if someone is brushing up against you and touching your bottom.”

The couple called in local medium Gayle Force, 52, who claims the pest is a former chef.

Source: The Sun


John said...

My theory is that it's the ghost of Benny Hill.

Geoff said...

Yes, but Gayle Force is very unreliable. She blows hot and cold.