Monday, March 06, 2006

For Those of You Who Missed the British Show

I got the name of two vendors:

Best British Foods - sells British baked goods, meats, sweets, canned goods, etc. They deliver.

The guy who sold hte 'CSI - Coronation Street Investigator' and 'Coronation Street Idol' t-shirts I *believe* was from 'Across the Pond British Imports' in Hamilton. Their number is 905-312-8617. You can call them to be sure, the shirts were $15. They also sell foods, sweets, dvd's. etc.

There was another big vendor who sold british shows on dvd's - Mr. Glacia got their card and when he gets home tonight I'll post it.


GoBetty said...

I think it's this???

Anonymous said...

I love your site...Thank God I found it! I am a big CORRIEHEAD...I wish we could have gone to the show. We will try be there next time. Keep up the great work....