Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finding Shelley

Artist Shelley Jacobs is traveling around the UK obsessively photographing all of the street signs that share her name. She's documenting the results on www.findingshelley.com

So far, Shelley has photographed 231 signs and has another 188 to go.

When her UK search is over she plans to start looking abroad. She added: "This hasn't satisfied my obsession. I'll be the same until I die."

How about you, Corrie Canuck readers? Have you found signs that share your name?

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bookluver1965 said...

Well, I share my name with a town in England (Swynnerton), and the hall lived in by Lord Stafford (Swynnerton Hall). Different spelling than my last name, but same family nevertheless (no relation to Lord Stafford, unfortunately, ha, ha)


Also, a street in London.