Thursday, March 02, 2006

Feel My Pain - Shonba Siting - kind of.

So Mr. Glacia and I go to a local restaurant on King St. this evening. As we're walking towards our destionation, we run into a woman having a cigarette from the pub next door who says to us....get this....

'Are you looking for the girl from Coronation Street?'

Glacia's eyes widen as she says, 'OMG, IS SHE HERE?'

Lady says, 'Yes.'

Glacia says, 'Is it invitation only?'

Lady hesitates and says, 'Yes.'

So Mrs and Mr. Glacia go into original restaurant. (Where at least the risotto was good.)

When we leave we see some guy come out and I ask, 'Is Sunita still there?"

Guy: 'No, she left, did you come on up?"

Glacia: 'No, it was invitation only."

Guy: ' it wasn't you should have come up.'

Everyone who gets offended by swears, stop reading now.


It's like being at the bar NEXT DOOR to the El Mocambo when the Stones show up unexpectidly.


Karen said...

I would think by now Glacia would know how to fake her way into an invitation only event....

John said...

Anyone see Shobna doing the bumpers during the Brit Awards on CBC?

MJ said...

Yes, caught the first bumper. Were there more?

Chelly said...

That's too bad Glacia! Shobna's one of my faves on the Street!

John said...

MJ - throughout the show she'd pop in during the commercials.