Friday, March 03, 2006

Curry Topples Chips as Britain’s Favourite Takeaway

Traditional fish and chips have been battered into second place by Indian curry as the nation's favourite takeaway.

The British national dish was ousted by the Indian takeaway in a survey of readers of Good Housekeeping magazine.

Pizza and Chinese food were ranked third and fourth in the poll.

Emma Marsden, Good Housekeeping cookery editor, said: "People travel so widely these days that their tastes are becoming more exotic. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with good old fish n chips just that we all like something a bit more exciting."

The survey also revealed that our favourite meal to tuck into after a hard day at work is spaghetti bolognese, washed down with cranberry juice.

Continental flair also saw Frenchman Jean-Christophe Novelli beat British chefs Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and James Martin to the title of tastiest male chef.

But it was not all bad news for good English grub, as the classic apple crumble came out on top as the country's favourite pudding.

Source: Bucks Free Press

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Pamer said...

Boy, that picture makes me wanna run out and get some fish and chips. Yuck!

Chelly said...

I love curry, anytime, any place! Thanks for all the curry postings MJ! This desi chick's loving it!

MJ said...

Chelly, I love curry AND corrie.

Pamer said...

I love curry too...just...that pic is yuck

MJ said...

Pamer: You asked for Deirdre totty, you got Deirdre totty. You asked for a more palatable curry photo, you got it. According to the Corrie genie, you have only one more wish.

Pamer said...'re such a doll MJ.

Now I want a giant...wait...I think I'll hold off on my third wish for now...***evil laugh***