Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Corrie Canuck Love Needed

Off topic, but I know the Corrie Canucks are helping group so here goes....

On April 19th, the City of Toronto will be conducting a Street Needs Survey and has asked for volunteers to help interview people living on the street to determine their needs and how best to find homes for the city's homeless.

A friend of mine at City Hall has told me that they are very low on voluteers (Don't quote me, but I think they only have 10% of the volunteers they need.)

I'll be joining them on April 19th and would like to ask if any of you would consider joining me. (I'm always willing to arrange post-volunteer bevvies.)

I realize that not all of you are in the city, but perhaps you can pass this on to anyone you know in the city.

Full details can be found here.

The purpose of the Street Needs Assessment is to survey people who are living on the streets or staying in shelters to gather detailed information about homelessness in Toronto. The information will be used to assist the City, community agencies and others to improve service coordination, service planning and program responses.

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Pamer said...

You are a saint J.

If I were in TO i would help out too...I would do a lot of things if I were in TO but that's neither here nor there