Friday, March 24, 2006

The Claire Poll

For a while, I've entertained some thoughts on the odd behaviour of Claire, Corrie's resident tram driver, bus driver, attempted dog murderer, cab driver. Since she arrived on the street, something has been a bit, well, off. Consider the intentionally awful glasses, the sudden lifelong dream to drive a bus, the demeanor that sways from adolescent to matronly, marrying and, one shudders to presume, having sex with Ashley. Perhaps it's just me but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter with the first ever Claire Poll:

*UPDATE* Results tomorrow-ish, and for one of these American Idols, the road to fame comes to an end. Seacrest Out!

*UPDATE PART DEUX* Ah, shag it. I don't feel like waiting until tomorrow. Here are your results as of 20:20 EST:

55% of you feel that Claire is mildly eccentric but her intentions are always for the best.

25% of you think Claire is living with the mind of a socially inept 14 year-old mathlete.

15% of you think Claire is batshit insane.

5% think Claire is a wide-eyed and enthusiastic young woman who only wants the best for her family.


papasmurf said...

Claire has wonderful jubblies - too bad they're always hidden away

GoBetty said...

All of the above - and preggo.

mare said...

claire is a walking kindergarten teacher. wonder when they'll figure that out, which will give them license to have her in not only the horrid glasses, but various increasinly ugly holiday-themed jumpers. i'm just saying.

kowy said...

Here's my theory on Claire.

Ashley has, in the past few years, been portrayed as kind of a quiet, mousey, guy - quite content to exist in the little world he's made for himself. Almost understandable, y'know, considering his wife was murdered and all that....

He needed a wife, so the powers that be brought in Claire, the total opposite of dead wife Maxine, to complete his very comfortable 'beige' world.
I think that if the person they cast as Claire was a little uglier, it would work out fine, but the actress who plays oor Claire is a pretty woman, and she just doesn't fit in the role they've given her.

And yes, Mare...she should teach kindergarten. Maybe she could even teach Bethany to speak!

John said...

Bethany can speak. Remember when she said "I. Want. Todd." to some stage mum off-camera?

(I also have a side-theory that Bethany, and not Charlie, is responsible for Shelly's descent into boring madness.)

Anonymous said...

I find Claire very boring but then I intensely disliked Maxine. I don't understand Claire's silly career aspirations. Is she not a "trained nanny" (like a early childhood educated teacher in Canada?" Why on earth does she want to drive a taxi! Why can't she look after Joshua?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's what I don't understand. Her "job" when she came into the series was that of nanny. A very respectable and fulfilling career. (I am ECE trained) Now she's off driving vehicles here and there and who the heck is taking care of Joshua? Fred's off womanizing and Ashley's stuck in the butcher shop. I don't think Josh has started school yet has he? Do they stuff him in the meat locker out back? I like Claire and Ashley but don't think the writers know quite what to do with them.