Saturday, March 11, 2006

Brits Bonking Beyond the Bedroom

A 4Homes survey found out what the UK gets up to behind closed doors...

When it comes to sex, the bedroom is by no means our only port of call. Granted, most of us who admit to romping our way round the house are under 45 and don’t have children, but even so.

Other really popular destinations include the sitting room (21%), the kitchen (12%) and the stairs (nearly one in 10) with the bathroom, hall, study, greenhouse/ shed and garden all coming in for some love action.

Incidentally, men are keener on shed romps than women and it’s the shed, garden or greenhouse for almost everyone from 35 up. The Welsh are most likely to be adventurous, with an average of 3.03 places other than the bedroom used for nookie, while the Northern Irish can only manage 2.46. The Scots, due to weather perhaps, don’t find their gardens an attractive proposition.

Q: Apart from the bedroom, where else have you made love in the home?
Kitchen 11.6%
Garden 5.0%
Study 2.8%
Lounge 21.5%
Hall 6.5%
Bathroom 14.8%
Spare bedroom 9.8%
Shed/Greenhouse 1.2%
On the stairs 8.7%
Other people's houses 8.2%
Prefer not to answer 9.1%
Other (including Garage 0.1% and Dining Room 0.1%)

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