Friday, March 03, 2006

British Isle Show Report

Went to British Isle show...

Saw Sunita speak - very charming and cute. She says Canadians are lovely people, but the country is cold. (Brrr.)

Did not get to meet her personally because very, very determined people were lining up an hour and a half early to see her. (I reserve that level of dedication for Julie Goodyear, the Pope and Paul Michael Glaser.)

TONS of Corrie stuff to buy, include 'Cornation Street Idol' and 'CSI - Coronation Street Investigator' t-shirts.

I bought a vest worn by Percy Sugden for $30. I now own a piece of Corrie.

Tried to pitch my idea of Bollywood Corrie to folks at On Air's no go.

That's about it... more tales and pics later.

Tip: get there early.

1 comment:

Pamer said...

I am very jealous that y'all get to go and I am stuck in Suds-bury

Have a great time and please post lots of pictures so that I can live vicariously through you.

CSI shirt sounds cool LOL