Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Boycott Updates...and the less said about Morrissey the better.

Mood today - disappointed and wanting to ban Morrissey.

Boycott Racist Old Bats
Scooter is still on his 'Save the Koi' kick and went back to Mrs. Maloney's house to try to talk her into saving the fish.

She threw racial slurs at him and then cried over Mr.Maloney who has gone to the great pond in the sky.

Does it seem that race relations are handled different in Britain? Just that Scooter seemed more 'annoyed' by her references to his colour than, let's say, I was.

The struggle continues.

Boycott Old Amy
Tracey is back on the street.

She did a whole, 'Oh Steve we came back for you. I've been such a goose'. schtick for Steve. The minute he started getting excited and happy, she was, 'PSYCH!' and asked him how it felt to get his hopes up.

Tracey has announced that she is back on the street just to torture him.

Liz and Deidre made up, then broke up again over this issue - all within a 3 minute period.

Boycott French Champagne
Deidre turned 50 and it would seem that Ken has been extra frisky for the occasion. Wine, dining and seducing mi'lady in specs.

She told him that she didn't want any big surprise for her birthday, which he took to mean that she ACTUALLY didn't want any big surprise for her birthday.

WRONG! No woman actually wants nothing.

Gentlemen, in this one and only instance, 'No' means 'Yes'.

Boycott High Voiced Butchers
Evil Ashley came into the butchers to goad Ashley into the boxing fight.

He succeeded by going on and on about how ugly Claire is and how she's nothing compared to his girlfriend.

Hands up who wants to bet me that the girlfriend is a Claire clone?

Anyway, the fight's back on.

Boycott Loneliness
Shel...come on out to play.

Charlie, in a moment of strange sincerity, said to Jason that he will stick by Shel. He went on about how if she was physically ill, everyone would be by her side, but because she's mentally ill, she is losing people around her.

I have no idea what to make of this.

Anyway, he visits her and tries to convince her to make sweet, sweet love to her - which she responds with 'Charlie, I caaaan't.'

Charlie makes a final plea, 'Shel, I'm lonely.'

At this point the mere thought of a man like Charlie being 'lonely' causes Glacia to collapse off the couch, spilling her vodka all over.


John said...

Someday, someone will collect Maddog Maddox's poetry into a slim volume of verse.

Yes, Maddog's wife will be Claire's double. I also think Ashley will wipe the floor with him. Hell, Mohammed Ali, the original poet boxer, could wipe the floor with Maddog, even in the condition he's in now.

GoBetty said...

I can't wait to see maddog's girlfriend.

papasmurf said...

In my experience - in east London at least - race relations are very different in England, lots of overt racism in many different forms and venues. We are much more civilized on this side of the pond.

John said...

I wondered last week if Mrs. Maloney was being racist in her dealings with Scooter or she was just a batty old lady. Turns out she's both. At first I thought it was weird because Scooter has to be the cleanest cut garbage collector who ever was. He's probably used to dealing with racism on a more vicious scale than some batty old lady. On a bigotry scale, she'd be an annoyance while something like the anti-immigrant National Front and its lunatic supporters would be much more dangerous.

I've noticed that racism is *generally* more overt in the UK than it is in Canada, which isn't to say there aren't exceptions on both sides. (for example in Quebec, there are those who define a Quebecker as a white francophone and everyone who isn't is defined as "les autres," although that is quickly changing, I think)

It's also something Corrie doesn't touch on very often, except that a few characters could be described as "incidently racist" - it doesn't define their character but comments slip out from time to time.

Also, if Coronation Street was a real working class Northern neighbourhood, there would be a lot more minorities in the cast. Still, compared to classic Corrie, the cast is much more diverse and realistic today than it used to be.