Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Beet Goes On

Where's the beet?

Here's Lisa's picture of a Kiwiburger (which I thought was just a joke).

She explains it as " Nothing more yummy than a beef patty, a fried egg & slices of beet".

No, that wasn't a typo dearhearts...slices of BEET, not beef, BEET.

Freakin' beet.

The thought of beets combined with fried egg makes Glacia crawl under the kitchen table with a blanket and curl up into a fetal position until Mr. Glacia comes home and coax her out with enough vodka to make her ever forget she heard the word 'Kiwiburger'.

(oy...I hate the beets. However, I do love Mr.Glacia and MIL enough to make borscht for their Russian asses.)

P.S. -Speaking of McDonald's serving up crap internationally, at one time they offered Norwegians the 'McLox' - a piece of smoked salmon shoved in between a bun. I did try it and did hate it.


Lisa said...

No other freakin' condiments either ewwwwwwwwwwww.

John said...

But then again, we take clam and tomato juice, throw some vodka in it along with some spices and call it yummy (which it totally is) so I guess every country has their culinary oddities.

Speaking of McDonald's, did you know in the Maritimes, they sometimes have McLobster Rolls? I refused to eat them, based on my Maritimer principles. Then I gave in and had one and, well, it was kind of good.

I've always seen New Zealand as our Southern Hemisphere counterparts. You think there's a blog out there somewhere called "Corrie Kiwi"?

Jacqueline said...

you know mj's fingers are madly googling 'Corrie Kiwi'.

I always thought Australia was our counterpart, or are they they U.S. counterpart?

Sweden is U.S., Norway is Canada? (oops did i just mention scandanavia again?)

So many counterparts!

GoBetty said...

I would love to try this. I love beet root!

papasmurf said...

The less said about beets the better.

Pamer said...

NZ really is our counter-part...they are pretty laid back, outdoorsy, lots of mountains and wilderness, natural they have this huge neighbour whom they hate with the same passion that we have for the US.

I had that Kiwi burger and it is very very very good. I was very "ewwww" when I first heard about it too but had to try it. Very Tasty. ***No actually Kiwi birds were harmed in the making of it.

Also, if you get the chance to have "Whitebait" go for it...tasty little fish (like minnows) fried up in a frittata. It is kind of like oour Smelt (smaller) in that they only last for a few weeks out of the year.

I so want to go back, NOW.

Pamer said...

I found it!!!

You have to join Yahoo though

kowy said...

I have to admit, that looks really good.

Then again, I go gaga over haggis, blood pudding, and my culinary tastes *may* be a little odd.

Jacqueline said...

trying to join right now.

Good work Pamer!

Jacqueline said...

No Kowy dear, you're just Scottish.

(said the other haggis eater.)

Pamer said...

I tried to join as well. Just waiting for the moderator to allow me to be a member

Jackie said...

When I lived in PEI, I was at first very excitied about the McLobster, however, after having the "real" homemade lobster sandwich, the Mickey D's verison just didn't cut it for me.

the Kwiwi burger? I don't think I could bring myself to try that.

and who mentioned blood pudding? sick, now I have to go scrub my brain of that thought!

Anonymous said...

Way to make a gal miss EnZed. Although when I lived in NZ, I never ate a Kiwiburger seeing as I don't like beef or beetroot. I never tried mayo on salad either or the lamb or the fush and chups. Ok, had some chups but skipped the swimmer.
I DID eat my fair amount of kumara, pumpkin, the best feta cheese in the world, tasty cheese, chicken pies from the backstreet bakery in Chch (HOLLA!) and enough hokey pokey ice cream to feed a small nation.
I love you New Zealand. :o)
- Jennifer

Radmila said...

I would totally be down with the McLox!

GoBetty said...

I had a roomie at Dal whose dad was a lobster fisherman. Needless to say, we had our share of lobster salad and "lobster rolls"... Yum! ALso, who mentioned SMELTS??!! So good!

Pamer said...

I am now officially a member of the Kiwi Corries...booyah shakiza!

Me says Smelts...i've always wanted to go Smelt fishing, never have.

Anonymous said...

Oh loved your kiwi talk you all sound great,you are right about whitebait my son makes me buy him a whitebait patty every week, he hates it when the season is over.
Oh and hokey pokey ice cream, I wonder if Jennifer is the Jennifer that I had to one of my pings in chch about 4 years ago? So who is it that is coming to nz for the next holiday? Loved the website and it is lovely to see you in kiwicorries also.