Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Who’s Your Mate on the Street?

Yesterday’s update turned into a “Corrie character I’d be mates with” discussion in the comments section. Jacqueline posed this question months ago and it’s time to bring her question out in the open again…

If you lived in Weatherfield, who would be your mates?

I’d be playing Scrabble with Roy Cropper and throwing back pints with Sean at The Rovers (when I’m not bruising my knees from bowing and scraping to writer Daran Little on the sidelines.) And Bet Lynch and I would shop for leopard print clothing together followed by cocktails.

Sean Tully: first mate


Jacqueline said...

I'd be walking behind Bet as a devoted follower.

Sunita and Sane Shel would probably be my good mates - but definatly Eileen and Sean would there too.

However, I have a new goddess...see my posting later.

John said...

Beyond Eileen and Sean, I'd have to say Kirk, Tyrone, and Fizz because they'd be loyal chums. And Ciaran would be a good drinking buddy.

Steve Macdonald probably wouldn't be a good pal as his pyscho girlfriend du jour would be making demands on his time. Ever notice Steve has no male friends? Exactly.

papasmurf said...

Old Danny boy would be a good laugh on a night out at the pub.

Anonymous said...

I'd hang with Eileen and Frankie, and, of course, Sean.

I'd talk to Janice, Gayle, and Sally, and sit with them at the pub, simply because they are my age gruop. But I wouldn't like them much.

Wen said...

I'd have to say Rita.....her and I always seem to get that same "what the bloody heck" were you thinking look and I think she's just a class act. We'd let Norris tag along for comedy relief.