Friday, February 10, 2006

What’s on Corrie iPods?

What tunes do you think are playing on Coronation Street characters’ iPods?

(photo via iAttire)


Pamer said...

can anyone on the street really afford an iPod?? Maybe Adam Baldwin...he's got Franz Ferdinand

hmmm...Craig? With some insurance money maybe. He's got teh Stench of Death, Misfits, Marilyn Manson

MJ said...

This is strictly hypothetical as no, they probably can't afford an iPod. So we're just making believe here today.

kowy said...

Sean: Best of Pet Shop Boys, Queen
Fizz: that annoying frog song
Kirk: HAS an I-pod, but thinks it's a dog whistle.
Liz: Abba
Evil Charlie: some good old angry punk to keep him agitated
Shelly: Enya

GoBetty said...

I am flummoxed by MY OWN iPod and I only have a 2-gig nano. I am perplexed by music... why do I won it? Like, I ripped all my CDs right. Then I was stuck with like, 3 cds-worth of Dolly Parton songs, the whole Grease soundtrack (a lot of which sucks). The iPod is like giong to the potato chips factory when really all you need is a bag of Miss Vickis. That's why I am a fan of playlists... so fun.

As for composing a Corrie Character playlist - that would be something I'd really have to ponder! It takes me days and days to compose my own playlists.

MJ said...

Les: Status Quo.

Lori said...

Shelly: If you Leave me now (by Chicago)

Diggery :Patty Cake (for the Bakers Man part,, thinks they wrote it about him)

Tracy: The Bitch is Back
Devil with a Blue Dress On (knows they wrote about her!)

Charlie: ANYthing by Eminem (anti-women in the worst way)

Vera: Afternoon Delite (starlight band)
Jack: Run Run Away (Slade)

Jacqueline said...

Charlie - numerous Morrissey songs:

'The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get'
'Bigmouth Strikes Again'
'Girlfriend in a Coma'

and especially

'You're the One for Me, Fatty'

And my Morrissey song for Steve MacDonald:
"Irish Blood, English Heart"