Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Weekend To End Breast Cancer

Since Corrie is on hiatus for a little while I thought I would take a second to tell you a little about myself. I am not a very physically fit person, in fact I loathe exercise. But two years ago I was inspired by a friend and decided to do The Weekend To End Breast Cancer, which is a 60km walk, spread out over two days, held in September. It's in Toronto and most other major Canadian cities.

Well, I was not really prepared for the walk in 2004. I fooled myself into thinking that I was because I had done a couple of long weekend walks with the dog and because I play hockey a couple of times a week. The first day went well. I was shuffling along after 30+km... and could barely move when I bedded down in my tent at the campsite after the first day. The second day was a nightmare. My knees were giving out and my toenails were starting to lift off. I completed the walk by liberally using the shuttle service between pit stops.

I didn't do the walk last year because I swore "never again" to kill myself like that and walk for two days shoulder-to-shoulder with maniacal strangers or to hit up so many friends and family for money when we all suffer from so much "donor fatigue".

But then this year's campaign started, and what with my new knee and new toenails and 25lb weight loss making me all, like, cocky, I signed up again.

I've lost both parents to cancer - mom to breast cancer. We were best friends and I will probably never get over her death but there it is. So I'm doing this godforsaken walk again, but this time I'm going to be in the best shape of my life!

So in case you wanted to know more, here's my donation page. Just sayin'. I am almost at my goal to raise $2000. Just putting it out there, just because.

Mary Beth

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