Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Update - A Very Special Corrie do I do this? Least exciting to most exciting? Or should I just hit you with the big news right from the get-go? Hmmmmm.

Word on the street is that Shatnerian and Kowy missed last night's episode. ouch. Hope you're watching on Sunday!

Okay...I'll build it up.

Came creeping around Dev's shop with a cake for Dev as an apology and many flatteries for Sunita.

He made a pitch for Sunita to come work for him at which point Dev tossed him out. However, Sally was in the shop at the same time and overheard that Diggs needs an assistant. She discussed it out loud and Dev warned her that Diggs is a lecherous old hut.

Nevertheless, Sally went to the bakery to apply for a job and was keen to accept it until Diggs put his arm around her and asked if she could work evenings.

(What the hell kind of name is Diggory, anyway?)

Liz and Bob had a nice and extended date that went until the next morning. The date seems to have gone well until Steve saw them together and got all rude and threatening with Bob. ('Bob? As in no arms and no legs in the lake?')

After Bob left, Liz grabbed Steve by the collar and read him the riot act. Which is strange, because I think she was doing the exact same move to him on Classic Corrie yesterday too. (Or was it Andy that did that to Steve?)

It seems that Bob is undeterred because she FTD'd Liz a pretty bouquet ('Allo Mrs.Bucket! It's Bouquet!) later that day. (Of course, Charlie has to walk by and said, 'Pfft, someone must be desperate.' Meanie!)

Sunita and Dev






Jacqueline squeals with delight and throws her hands up in the air and waves them like she just don't care. There is a brief thought of knitting booties and giving them to Sunita when she comes to Toronto next month, but Jacqueline quickly slipped out of crazed stalker fan mode.

Step Shel - Return of the Yenta

Never, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I'd be on the edge of my couch cheering and allying myself with the Deidre/Liz camp...but I have to say something.

Deidre, you go girl!!!

We see more hiding crazy Shel and more Charlie taking over of the pub. Fred starts fretting about Shel and buys her some grapes (can someone PLEASE explain the whole grapes when you're sick in Britain thing?)and wants to talk to her.

Charlie tells him no and he reluctantly agrees.

However, when Charlie is gone, Fred decides to go and see her anyway. He knocks on the door and when she starts freaking out, he goes to use his key to make sure she's okay. At this point Shel completely flips out and calls Charlie on his cell.

Charlie confronts Fred and tells him how he has no right to disturb her. Fred begins to argue that this is his pub and he can do what he wants, to which Charlie shouts him down. Charlie then says he's going to buy a new lock and bolt on Shel's door so that no one can get access.

When he storms off, Fred starts waffling about how Charlie is right and Ken helps out in the waffling. Finally, Deidre (I could have kissed her.) announces that the minute Charlie puts the new lock on the door, that room has become a prison.

YEAH!!! YEAH Deidre!!!

Deidre then marches off like a woman on a mission.

Later in the pub, Charlie is mouthing off a bit and just when tensions get high - in bursts that caped crusader....that defender of all things Shel....her mum, Bev. Pissed and demanding to see Shel.

Bev goes straight up to see Shel and Charlie moves to stop her, but not before Ciaran can stop him at least long enough for Bev to get to Shel. (Honestly, I would've thought Ciaran could have done a better job.)

Now the truth is out. was much better to hide Shel, cause everyone will believe it was a door accident now.


GoBetty said...

Bob had to do The Walk Of Shame (got lots of experience with that one...).

steve made the "Bob" joke kind of Manc when he said "no arms, no legs and in the canal." Hee.

In reference to "Someone's desparate" to send Liz fleurs, who could forget Charlie practically raping Liz when she used to live at the Rovers? Indeed, what an assclown.

Jackie, I think you SHOULD knit those booties. It will demonstrate to Shobna how behind we are here in Canada. No doubt she'll be all weirded out because in the "future" maybe her baby dies or something cuz Corrie producers love a tiny casket and the grave cam.

Sick English person... give them green grapes... I only cottoned onto this when I was reading Adrian Mole, the part where he gives Sharon Bott green grapes because he heard she was poorly when really she was pregnant with his child. Maybe they're a really big treat over there. We really are spoiled here in Toronto with fabulous produce. 'Spensive tho. Myself I prefer those humungo black seedless grapes for pure fruit decadance.

kowy said...

I DID see it last night. And as soon as it was over, texted the update to Mr. Shatnerian: "Sunita preggo, Liz got laid, Bev came 2 c Shelly"

And the grapes thing...
It's as British as how a cup of tea really will cure anything (including amputation and Cancer).
As soon as anyone goes in to hospital, their visitors will bring green grapes, and Lucozade (fizzy orange drink), or Ribena (gross grape drink).
Not a clue why...but BOY I'd love me some Lucozade right now!

GoBetty said...

Ya, Adrian Mole hypochondriac was always requesting Lucozade. Is it like gatorade?

Jacqueline said...

I used to love the Mole poetry to Norway.

GoBetty said...

Norway! Land of difficult spelling.
Hiding your beauty behind strange vowels.
Land of long nights, short days, and dots over 'O's.
Ruminating majestic reindeers
Tread warily on ice floes
Ever aware of what happened to the
One day I will sojourn to your shores
I live in the middle of England
Norway! My soul resides in your watery -fiords- -fyords- -fiiords- Inlets.

Jacqueline said...

Land of vodka and $15 pints!
You are my soul and ingrained in my knitting hands.
Munch screams within you
Vigeland and Grieg -
Have shaped you.
Your skølbrod burns within my heart.
You have a queen – but she is not my queen.
How I long to see your fishing villages and
Feel your burning Viking spirit.
But I remain in Ontario.
Until I get more airmile points.
Tom for øl!

Pamer said...

Speaking of Norway, I just heard on my Sirius radio that Oslo Norway is officially the most expensive city to live in. It has been Tokyo for 20 years but Oslo finally claims the trophy.

Jacqueline said...

I actually wasn't kidding. Pints are around $12. I went to dinner and had a $60 piece of cod. (hee hee, I said 'codpiece'.) I think a pack of smokes is about $20.

GoBetty said...

how can you afford to go????

Jacqueline said...

I couch surf, I bring over duty free and celebrate the wonders of vorspiel (drinking at home before going out) and don't eat.

Oh..and spend 2 years paying for the trip.

Jackie said...

ekkk! I can't believe it. I watched the first few minutes of the show last night, and then the last (just when Bev came running down the street) but I missed the middle do to a phone call! That's it, the phone is officially off during cornie from now on!
I can't believe I missed the pregnent part!!! (oh, and I'm all about the stalker booties, that would be a good laugh!)

mare said...

i missed the first half, but managed to see the big birth announcement, and all the bev fun.

loved how charlie looked so guilty whilst shel shrilly screamed (hello, alliteration) "i ran into a door!".