Friday, February 03, 2006

Update - not as fast as promised

Okay - all threats to update Corrie AS the show was happening fell through. It was late, Mr. Glacia brought home a whack of James Bond movies to watch...I had to push to get in Corrie. You'll forgive me I hope.

The Croppers
Last night we saw Roy defeat the evil Zarton and his henchmen with the use of his bare hands and deadly charm. He managed to rescue Octahaley from the zepplin ALONG with the Diamond Star of Bacon Butties - parachute down to the top of the empire state building and make mad passionate love to 20 women - all the while remaining perfectly coiffed and manicured.

Is there NOTHING that man can't do?

Carol is harassing Jamie non-stop and there is guilt/annoyance on his part. Frankie convinces Danny to go have a chat with him. Honest to God, it was too late in the evening to translate Cockney in my brain so I didn't get all of it. The upshot was, I believe, don't feel you're responsible for your mom.

Stepford Shel
Shel has basically decided to spend the rest of her life in her bed. Luckily, Charlie has bought her a phone so that she can contact him when he's away.

The most pathetic part?

She had to wait in the cold for Charlie to get back and close the window because she didn't want to risk anyone seeing her at the window. (I think even Charlie thought with was crazier than he could have hoped.)

Fred has asked, and been refused, an audience with Shel and is looking a bit bothered. Charlie has also decided to take over the management duties of the Rovers. WTF? Why is Fred letting him do this?

Jack and Vera make up over breakfast and I think Vera was very eloquent about telling Jack how much he hurt her feelings. She just wanted to spend some time with him.

He decides to take her for a walk, so hopefully the rest of their vacay will be good.

There's much discussion on the near miss with Joshua and blame taking all around. Fred says it doesn't matter as long as we have our Joshua, I say, as long as we have our Joshua.

Claire, however, still feels horrible about Schmicheal. Which brings us to...

You can all exhale, peeps. The dawg is fine, fo shizzle!

After much fretting, Schmicheal is expected to make a full recovery.

Les, however, may not recover from the bill. How cute that he thought the vet was giving him a thank you card!

Anyway, the Battersby lot decide that Claire should foot the bill - and honestly I can't disagree with that point. Or maybe the bus company should pay. At least half. I'm kind of curious why Claire didn't offer right at the begining.

But our Battersbys can never do anything with any sense of decorum, and decide to go en masse to the Peacocks, screaming and wailing like a family of ratbags.

We get a very gratuitous shot of Ashley in nought but a towel throwing them out the door for bothering his wife.

Mr. Glacia's Comment du soir (as barked from the computer area)

When Cilla asks for the vet bill money PLUS compensation for emotional damages.

'Is someone going to kill that woman soon?'


John said...

I have to say I found the Cilla extorting money from Claire, while in character, a bit odd. It's being treated as though Claire was driving her private car.

She was a trainee driving a municipal bus. The municipality is ultimately responsible for what its transit drivers to do people's dogs. Therefore, they should pay the whole bill and Cilla's extortion case should be taken up with said municipality.

Claire, being on a probationary period, would likely be let go with the option of starting the process again or undergoing more intensive driving courses, depending on what kind of union she's in.

Jacqueline said...

See, this is what I thought. The bus company would be responsible.

Just, me, if I had hit someone's dog, not only would I pay for it, I'd be donating whatever body parts the creature needed.

MJ said...

Didn't Jack pack his bags? Me thinks the vacay is ruined.

kowy said...

John, while I agree that it's a municipal thing, and that Claire isn't responsable for paying....

Cilla goes for what she considers an easy target. What's easier to scare with screaming and threatening? Little Claire, or big bus company?

If Cilla had to drag her ass down to the municipal offices, she'd have to, like, be polite, and stuff.

BTW...I'm quite tiffed that even Fizz was in on the act. I would have thought Fizz was above that...just a 'tiny' bit.

Jacqueline said...

MJ - you're probably right.

I was actually drunk most of yesterday.

GoBetty said...

Ya, I thought Fiz and Claire were friends?

Anypoopers if the dog is offleash... sorry, it's the owners fault.

Anonymous said...

Okay, where the HECK is everybody living nowdays?

Is Fizz living with the Battersbys? Is Maria still living with Liz in Vic and Steve's old apartment?

Is Candice still living with the Baldwins?

And isn't Janice's place a one-bedroom? SO where are Danny/Leanne/Jamie spending their time?

Can someone help me, help me please?(Sorry, channelling some Donnie Osmond.)

Oh, and is the apartment above Dev and Sunita's still empty?