Thursday, February 02, 2006


Married With Pigeons

So Jack and Vera get to their caravan and Vera is ready for an evening of sweet, sweet loving with her man.

But JACK, Jack that cad, tells her he's going to do an errand and goes home to Weatherfield. Poor Vera was left all alone with her crooner tape and a fist full of worry. Was she crying a bit? Didn't that break your heart?

Anyway, Tyrone and Maria come across him at the house (Jack getting an eyeful of barely dressed Maria) and send him right back. He stupidly brings back another bunch of pigeons so Vera knows where he went off to.

Schmicheal 911

Schmicheal was rushed into an animal hospital where he was promptly operated upon. Of course Cilla has to say some pretty insensitive things and when the Peacocks come to see how he's doing - Cilla lets loose on them. Les, in one of him moments of maturity comforts Chesney.

I for one, am keeping my fingers crossed and saying a wee prayer to St. Francis.

One Flew Over the Rovers

More of the same over at the Rovers - complete and utter insanity. Charlie is keeping Shel hidden away from everyone - including Cieran who brought up a cup of hot booze for her.

But Shel is getting insane. Seriously, she's all 'I just want to stay in here with you.' Hmmm. Why Shel? Cause you know that everyone is right about him being a jerk (big sexy jerk, but a jerk, nonetheless) and you want to hide from the truth?

Iron Chef Meets Home Improvements

Keith somehow managed to convince Emily, Blanche and Betty to make dinner for him and Craig. This works out until they all show up at the same time and withdraw their casserole dishes.

(Is Betty sick of making hotpot yet?)

He hooks up with the ladies back in the Rovers and convinces them cook meals for 'im and the lad in exchange for home repairs.

Babylonian Love Connection 34 A.D.

Keith: 'Are my ears burning?'

Lena: 'No, but your eyes are smoldering.'

I know it's early in the year, but I swear this is going to be the best Corrie episode of 2006. Far too many precious quotes.

Rits, Blanche, Lena and Norris at the speed dating event was so priceless that I taped it to watch over and over again. (Norris decides to come because, 'As a creative, I need a wide range of experiences, no matter how distasteful.')

Lena - god love she proclaims that all is fair in love and zeros on some tasty prospects.

Near misses include:

Norris woos some lovely mature lady with tales of his literary successes. Then she finds out the truth and tells him how terrible it is to lie and throws a proverbial glass of water in his face.

Rita is pursued by James Joyce who seems normal until he confesses to being obsessed with redheads (Like his late wife, Nora?). Cheque please!

Finally, a suitor Blanche approaches Norris about her - cause he likes a 'bold' woman. Norris, in a truly creepy move, tells suitor that Blanche is a black widow, thus scaring him off.

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Cilla's Sun Bed said...

That speed dating was by far the funniest thing I've seen in ages on Corrie. I just love when Doris & Blanche get at each other, and this one was oustanding.