Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Update for Jan 31... SERIOUS SPOILERS

Before I go any further, I would like to say, 'All HAIL Queen Lena! My new Weatherfield Goddess.'

Seriously. I don't worry so much about turning 40 as I do about turning 70. But Lena shows us how to be the party girl at 80. God bless her. It's like the second coming of Bet.

BIG thanks to MJ for supplying the Lena pic.

Weatherfield 1942
Rita, Blanche and Lena have decided to go to the Weatherfield Arms and try out the speed dating. (I SOOOOOOOOOOOO love this show.)

When Rita asks if they are perhaps a little too long in the tooth for such activities, Lean pops up, 'Speak for yourself!' She also goes on about how some men love the company of a more mature woman.

(Jacqueline gets down on her knees and prays that she too can one day be an 80 year old cougar.)

Doris declines the offer, but the grey trio seems up for it. YOU GO GIRLS!!!

Weatherfield 90210
Maria and Tyrone have the Duckworths' place to their selves as Jack and Vera go on holiday. They are taking full advantage of the time playing house.

Jamie and Leanne have made up and we see them getting frisky back her flat. I have two questions. Does Janice even live there anymore? How does Leanne have the strength to even walk at this point? I mean between Baldwin Sr and Baldwin Jr...(okay..that was apologies.)

Sarah managed to get her job back from Dev after a lot of pleading and explaining that Diggory is 'creepy'. Dev took her back on a trial month basis.

We're All Going on a Summer Holiday
Jack and Vera went on holidays to a ....trailer park? WTH? Is that really something people do?

I mean, I'm not trying to sound snotty cause lord knows our holidays out west consisted of driving to Trail and back... but it seems like a bit of a lunch bag let down.

Anyway, Jack brought the pigeons with him to release. Vera asked how they would find their way home. Ummmm .... why does no one GET the purpose of homing pigeons.

Stepford Shel

Well, Charlie brought the chesterfield upstairs to Shel's room so he could lie on it and 'keep an eye on her'. Yeah. Sanity!

The Big Screaming Spoiler
Cilla brought Schmicheal (screw the spelling right now) to Mr. Wong's chip shop so that customers would feel sorry for him and feed him.

Soon enough Mr. Wong told her to get rid of the dog and I assumed she secured him back home. But the truth is, he was out loose on the street and when Chesney came to collect him, the dang dog was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, we see Schmicheal in Diggory's shop chowing down on some pastry. Just as Diggory is tossing him, Chesney comes to rescue him.

Brace yourselves folks.

At that very moment, Claire is driving the bus down the street as Ashley and Josh are waiting for her.

Josh runs out into the street, but luckily Ashley gets him out of the way as Claire slams on the break. So Josh is okay.

However, there was a thump as she slammed on the breaks.

And on the other side of the bus... we see Chesney hovering over Schmicheal who was hit by the bus.


John said...

Yeah, I got a little weepy at the end.

kowy said...

I know it was only acting, but poor Chesney.
Ferklempt! I was just ferklempt.

MJ said...

This is not the first caravan vacation on Corrie. Did you see the Coronation Street Classics episode where Gail and Martin go on hols in a caravan in an attempt to patch up their problems? The Platts awake to hear Jack and Vera shouting at each other as the Duckworths have gone to the same park and are next door to them!

Jacqueline said...

I missed that episode. Plus, I thought a caravan vacay meant that you rented a van and drove somewhere. Not sit in a park trailer.

papasmurf said...

My guess is that Cilla will see poor Scmeichel getting hit by Claire and her bus as a continuation of their little tiff in The Rovers - and as a way to extort some money.

Anonymous said...

Naw, I think a British caravan vacation is just that -- sitting in a trailer park.

Not too unlike what people do in Shediac, Cape Pele, etc. in N.B.

More sunshine there though.

Didn't Toyah end up hooking up with some immigrant at a caravan camp a few years back when she and Maria, Jason and Tyrone and Kirk rented a caravan for vacation?

MJ said...

Yes, Toyah hooked up with a Croatian photographer at the caravan park in Blackpool. He wanted to marry her but it turns out he was just using her to stay in the country. It ended in tears, didn't it?

A line from Lena: “He who has fun lasts longest.”

Jackie said...

I was more upset that Schmicheal got hit then the fact that Claire almost hit Josh. Last night, and Billy's funreal, the only two times I cried watching the show.

GoBetty said...

We cried over Schmichael. And we laughed our heads off at the Grey Power Speed Dating. It was too fucking funny how they all double-crossed each other. Really a wonderful episode for highs and lows.

Joni said...

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the Olympics, But I really miss cornation street.....