Wednesday, February 22, 2006

third toronto corrie canuck pub fest

drunk, happy, full of fun...a wonderfual evening.

the haggis was not missed.

pictures and tales anon.

yours very truly,

jacqueline 'where's my charlie' glacia

Promised Pics

This is the pic I’m sending to Bill Ward when I ask for his autograph.
(BTW – this pic is larger than the others, because it’s the most important. Or, maybe because I’m a dork who is just unable to rotate and shrink pics at the same time.)

Go Betty!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Glacia

Fuzzy, drunk Pamer love

Group shots (Lisa is to the left of Mr. Glacia and Betty is the right of Glacia)

This is Amy.

Brace yourselves…..

Amy has been an extra on Corrie – swear to god – she's been one of those people standing at the Rovers.

I personally think Amy should be the next Rovers barmaid.

Deborah was our high priestess last night. She came with:
1) Signed t-shirt
2) Rovers Return jacket
3) 2 books FULL of pics and autographs
4) More Corrie tales than you can shake a stick at.

The long suffering Mr.Glacia

Our Ang!

Deborah in her Rovers gear

Our reporting team…from the left the all amazing journalist Erin, Kathy, Erin’s hubby Tony and …..LOVELY, LOVELY SHERRY!

There are still a few shots that I’m reserving for Frisky Friday….

Also in attendance were Lisa and Go Betty – but my camera did not capture them (Betty, did you fare better?)

So it was an amazing evening and I think the general consensus was that the Auld Spot is a good choice for Corrie as far as location, service, food, etc. I think we’ll aim for a meeting every other month. Very much missed, MJ, Pamer, PapaSmurf, the Shatnerian/Kowy partnership and every one out there in Corrie Canuck land.

Last thing, I need tech help with the blog vis-à-vis expanding the columns so I can insert larger pics. John, I’m kind of looking your way.


GoBetty said...

Hi peeps. Much fun was had last night. I only got three pics - they're here:

Big thanks to Jackie for all the fun. It was such a pleasure to see and meet y'all!!

sherry said...

Hi everyone. I'm the annonymous "lovely woman" in the pic! What a fun evening!! Jacqueline, thanks so much for organizing everything and for inviting me.

Looking forward to the next get together.

MJ said...

Lovin' the Corrie camaraderie. I toasted you from afar.

Ang said...

Had a great time lastnight! I'm already looking forward to the the next gathering. It was great to meet everyone.

John said...

Jacqueline, I'm not really sure what you mean. The image uploader will let you upload whatever size you like and automatically resize and align it with the text the way you specify: left, right, or centre. When you click on the picture, you can see the full size.

Is that what you mean?

Pamer said...

Awwww Fuzzy Drunk Love?? For me???

What's up with Mr. G is the suit and tie? Lucky guy with all the women, i must say.

Jacqueline said...

John...I have no god damn idea what I mean. I might try to catch you on chat at somepoint to explain myself.

We do love the Pamer.

Mr. G. came straight from work for the Corrie Canuck - and he was appreciative of all the female companionship.

Lisa said...

I told you that you just took a totty pic of What a great time girls & boys. (sings) "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that Ping...

John said...

Looked like so much fun. Wish I had been there.

Ginny said...

Oh, you guys look like you had soooo much fun. I'm jealous! Plus I need a Corrie fix. Damn Olympics - get over already! (Just kidding... kind of)

Deborah said...

Nice to meet everyone last night. Special thanks to Ang for meeting me and Lisa for sharing the ride home.

Lisa said...

An extra thanks to Deborah for paying my train fare... I really only had a 20 dollar bill honest... next pints on me.