Sunday, February 12, 2006

These types of stories must be coming out once per week by now

Yet another former Corrie star is speaking out against the current state of the show:

The actress, who played shop assistant Mavis Riley, has admitted that she doesn't ever want to return to the soap.

"It is so different from when I was there," Thelma told The People. "The show is so concentrated on the young, to get the young audience. Often nowadays actors are cast on what they look and sound like, not necessarily on their ability. I wonder how many of them actually go to the theatre?

"It is also exceedingly boring. You think, 'Who else can they sleep with? They've done the rounds now.' It seems that is all there is happening. It isn't just Coronation Street - it runs through the whole of TV and film. It's like there is nothing else in life but sex.

With all respect, I must disagree. To whit, I offer the acting talents of one Suranne Jones:


Radmila said...

I hope the producers don't move away from the average looking people they've always used.
It's one of the most endearing things about the show.

John said...

I've always thought I'd fit right in on Corrie.

Also, I think Corrie has always hired traditonally attractive people but then, the recent addition of Diggory shows that Thelma isn't entirely right.

If anything, I think there are more comedians on the show than anything else.

Jacqueline said...

Okay - I think old school corrie was more realistic. Before it was fits about hanging cloths out on the line, but now it seems that Weatherfield has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the world.

However, I do think the show is funnier now.

You know, I got pissed when Eddie Yeats left thinking the show show would never be the same. Nowm, me, I go with the flow.

John said...

Maybe it's because I'm a recent convert to the show that I don't see the huge fuss over the sex. From what I've seen of the classic Corrie episodes and the specials, people have always been bed-hopping and getting murdered on the show. I mean, Adam is Ken Barlow's daughter's son and Mike Baldwin is Adam's father and Ken's son-in-law? WTF? And Sarah-Lou's dad? Stabbed in a random act of violence. And how many times have some of these people been married, anyway?

I think the show stretches believability some times but I don't know that it's become Americanized. If Maria were on the OC, she'd be the plain girl.

Also, the show does have to change over time to keep up interest among the viewers. The show that aired ten years ago wouldn't get much of an audience if they aired it today. The world changes and Corrie changes with it.

And with a new studio boss these days, the show will change again. Today it swings from high drama to high comedy. Tomorrow, who knows?

Jackie said...

thanks for clearing up the whole Adam thing, for the longest time I couldn't figure out how all the puzzle pieces fit together

Anonymous said...

There are still plots revolving around neighborhood/backyard issues: Jack's pooping pigeons, the noise from Les and Cilla's bath, Vera's ridiculous The Rectory sign squabble with.... who? I hated that story line.

Still, with the exception of Charlie and Ciaran, most folks look like everyday folks. Tracy and Karen clean up real good, as does Sunita, but that's only for special occasions, like weddings and dates with men they'd marry on a bet.

Does anyone know if Mavis jumped, or was pushed from the show? She was before my time. The answer could explain her comments better.