Friday, February 17, 2006

Thesaurus of Thingamajugs

Our Candice shows off her show stoppers

The talk has turned to tatas in the comments section of the “Frisky Friday Mystery Totty” posting. Corrie Canuck readers are pondering synonyms for “Show Stoppers.”

Consider this posting a public service announcement for those who strive to increase their word power.

When searching for nomenclature for knockers, I always consult JOE BOB'S CANONICAL "HOOTER" LIST.


GoBetty said...


Pamer said...

HAHA Lots that i've never heard before.

"brown speckled pups"
"cheek warmers"
are two of my favs, along with
"wonder twins" and
the "hakuna matatas"


Chelly said...

I like:

(1)Alpha Betas

(2) Off-On Volume & the Channel Selector

(3) Omigods

MJ your posts (regardless of the topic) are always bloody amazing. Cheers gal!

Jackie said...

seriously, is that attractive????

Deborah said...

Last week it was 'dongers', this week it is 'thingamajugs', what will it be next week?? LOL

John said...

He forgot "She-bags."