Sunday, February 26, 2006

There’s Only ONE Ken Barlow

Will the Real Ken Barlow Please Stand Up?

I’m the REAL Ken Barlow,dammit. These lot are Ken Barlow Wannabees.

Ken Barlow Wannabee #1

“Hello, I'm Ken Barlow. I recently qualified as a doctor, following a very enjoyable five years of training at medical school. At the moment, I love all aspects of medicine, and I can't decide whether to be a surgeon or a family doctor. Sometimes I think Jackie wishes I was a vet instead of a doctor for humans, and then it would save us a lot of money having to call out our good friend Luke to see to our ponies. As you can see, I travel to work on my motorbike, and then have to do a quick change of uniform for the ward round. Bye!”

Ken Barlow Wannabee #2

KARE 11 Chief Meteorologist Ken Barlow has accepted a job in Boston that will bring him to a larger television market and closer to his family.

Ken Barlow Wannabee #3

Ken Barlow "Our Ken" the retired photographer, as opposed to Ken the actor [Our Ken had the name first anyway] took up water colouring about 3 years ago as a hobby.

Ken Barlow Wannabee #4

“Hi, my name is Ken Barlow and this web page is located in the wonderful city of Rochester, NY. You people from UK: No, I'm not THAT Ken Barlow, I just happen to share names with him.”

Ken Barlow Wannabee #5

…the 47-year-old father-of-three says the only things he has in common with the soap legend is his name and the fact that he hails from Salford.

Ken Barlow Wannabee #6

Pastor Ken Barlow performs wedding ceremony… at Wal-Mart!

Ken Barlow Wannabee #7

“The most powerful facility in the United States could depend on Ken Barlow.”

And finally…

Ken Barlow Wannabee #8

Ken Barlow vs. Canada
…Minister of Fisheries and Oceans seized approximately 60 lobster traps belonging to applicant Ken Barlow.

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