Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sharing Chips With Peter Kay

Our Shelly Unwin with her date Eric Gartside (Peter Kay)

Brits would rather share their chips with Bolton comedian Peter Kay (19%) than with Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt (6%), a survey to celebrate National Chip Week (13th – 19th February 2006) has revealed.

In a poll by the British Potato Council (BPC) to commemorate the 15th annual iconic week, Phoenix Nights star, Kay also saw off queen of pop, Madonna (4%) and “Golden Balls” Beckham (4%), to be the star most likely to be invited to share a portion of one of the nation’s favourite foods

Peter Kay

However, the northern comic was pipped to the post in both Scotland and in the West Country. While Scots are happy to let Robbie Williams entertain them in return for a portion of chips (18%), those in the West Country would rather share their chips with sultry, Angelina Jolie (23%) – now what would Brad have to say about that?

But across the country celebs lose out overall to our partners. When boyfriends, girlfriends, wives and husbands are thrown into the mix, 80% of the nation would rather share their chips with them than with any star.

“It doesn’t matter whether your chips are wrapped, on a plate or in a cone, as a nation we all love chips”. says Caroline Evans, the British Potato Council.

Top Five Celebrities That Brits Would Like To Share Chips With

1. Peter Kay (19%)

2. Robbie Williams (11%)

3. Angelina Jolie (11%)

4. Brad Pitt (6%)

5. Terry Hatcher (5%)


We may be decided about who we want to share our chips with but according to the British Potato Council, there’s certainly a regional divide when it comes to the types of chips we eat and what we partner with them.

Oven chips may have become the nation’s favourite style of chip, but a third of Londoners opt for the ‘good ole’ chip shop chip, whilst those in the North West prefer them home-cooked. Chips are a must for the Welsh, but they’re not bothered how they’re served! Results show that the ‘red dragons’ will polish off a portion of chips with anything or nothing!

And there is no surprise when it comes to the students choice of chip, the microwaveable variety exceeds them all. Student loans seem to be going that bit further though as their favourite accompaniment is steak. Over 65’s go for the traditional chip butty with brown sauce, whilst the younger generation is a little more adventurous, opting for gourmet wedges and gravy.

When it comes to a dressing, East Anglians and Scots opt for vinegar, whilst Londoners love mayonnaise. Overall the nations favourite dip is tomato sauce and not many go the gourmet route with only 1% going for home-made dressing.

Caroline Evans from the BPC says; “Great British chips are one of the nation’s favourite foods. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we each love to eat them in our own individual way! National Chip Week 13th-19th February 2006 is a perfect excuse to enjoy our chips just how you like them”.

Source: Sourcewire


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