Sunday, February 05, 2006

Separated at Birth: Ken Barlow & Perry Como

William Roache (left) and Perry Como (right)

Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow shared a magic moment with TV audiences as he became Perry Como for a Stars In Their Eyes celebrity special back in 2003.

Actor William Roache sported a pastel yellow cardigan and perma-tan for his transformation into the 1950s crooner.

“I chose Perry Como because he’s very laid back, doesn’t sing too well and is always half asleep, so I thought ‘that’s me’,” he said.

The Corrie star confessed he is tone deaf and had singing lessons in preparation for his performance.

“I’m not a singer at all – I can’t even sing in the bath,” he said.

“Singing is a nightmare for me. But I’m a fan of Stars In Their Eyes so when this opportunity came up I wanted to take it. I don’t turn down a challenge.”

Shame our Ken wasn’t invited onto Soapstar Superstar!

SCTV fans will remember a classic skit, “Perry Como Still Alive,” in which Eugene Levy portrayed a comatose Como singing “I Like the Nightlife” and “I Will Survive.” The skit shows Como in bed singing with the covers pulled up to his chin. Another scene shows him singing sprawled collapsed on the floor, microphone set near his mouth, with only one finger moving to the beat.


Radmila said...

Perry Comatose...does anyone remember that SCTV skit?

MJ said...

That skit still has me on the floor in stitches in reruns (so I just HAD to include it in the posting.)