Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ryan Thomas Burgled

A jubilant Ryan Thomas (our Jason Grimshaw) returned to his Salford home from an evening of celebrating, he had good cause to do so, as he had just passed his driving test. The celebrations, however were short lived as the actor discovered that his home had been raided and emptied of about £20,000 worth of equipment. The burglars stole hi-tech electrical equipment and personal items, including a lap-top computer that held photographs of Ryan and his mates.

Some of the stolen items are said to belong to Ryan's girlfriend and co-star Tina O'Brien (our Sarah Platt).

Ryan, 21, said: "I would really appreciate it if anybody is offered any of my things, that they tell the police." Among the items taken were a 50-inch Philips plasma TV, a 26-inch JVC LCD television set, and an Xbox 360 games console. A Granada spokesman said: "Ryan was terribly upset to find his home had been broken into. The lap-top computer contains a lot of photos of Ryan and his friends on nights out, and would make it obvious whose machine it was." (Source: Manchester Online)

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