Friday, February 17, 2006

Pork Scratchings

(photo via Pork Scratching World)

On Coronation Street, someone is always calling out for a packet of pork scratchings. Seems it’s a popular snack food in British pubs. They’re pieces of pigskin fried up in oil and spices.

From what I understand, pork scratchings are similar to, but not the same as pork rinds. Pork scratchings are heavier and harder than their North American cousins and have a crispy layer of fat under the skin, flavoured with salt. They’re best enjoyed with beer.

Some still have the hair attached and are considered to be superior to other scratchings.

During the low-carb fad, sales of pork scratchings increased 18 per cent with Atkins dieters. Though they’re high in fat and sodium, they contain no carbohydrates.

Have you eaten pork scratchings?


papasmurf said...

mmm pork scratchings...
When in Barking in lovely east London on a Saturday night at The Spotted Dog - pork scratchings make the evening complete.
A guilty pleasure I have indulged in I must confess.

Jacqueline said...
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Jacqueline said...

Si, is called 'Chicharon' and I once ate the entire national supply of Panama.

If you've never had it...please...I urge you try it.

This coming from a women who doesn't really eat meat all that much. (haggis and deep fried pork fat being the exception.)

kowy said...

Mmmm.....pork scratchings.
My Mum used to make them whenever we had a roast. Which basically means, every Sunday.

SO very bad for you, and SO very good.

Betty said...

Beware. Some of those scratchings can be so hard you could break your teeth on them.

Sorry I've just commented on two food-related posts - I'm not hungry or anything.

GoBetty said...

Yes, we had them as kids... My dad would bring them over from Quebec (with little bits of hair) or we'd have them as "roast leavings"... Much nicer than pork rinds.

Lisa of Scarberia said...

That was the best part of Mom cooking a Sunday pork roast- the 'cracklin' as we called it in our family. And hey you can alwayts use the hair as floss afterwards--- a very functional yet 'artery door slammin shut' kinda food.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm not sure which picture makes me more nauseous: The wrinkly pork scratching photo or the wrinkly Atomic Mutton photo just below it.