Thursday, February 02, 2006

Our Shell Slags Off Posh and Becks

Posh and Becks

SALLY LINDSAY (our Shelley Unwin) has launched an assault on VICTORIA BECKHAM – claiming she looks like she’s suffered a stroke.

According to The Sun…

Sally laid into Mrs. Beckham in an abuse-filled magazine interview.

In the staggering tirade Sally, known only for being a cuddly TV barmaid, also claimed Posh looks like “a fly on hind legs”.

She then went on to an unprovoked swipe at Posh’s hubby DAVID.

She stormed: “Posh is a funny old bird. I’m not a fan. I saw her live and she looks like a fly on hind legs. I do feel a bit sorry for her but why does she have to pull that awful face all the time?

“She looks like she’s had a stroke. I’ve always thought it was nicer to smile in a photo.”

But Sally has gone in with two feet with her equally harsh dose of abuse for England skipper Becks.

In the latest edition of gay mag Attitude, she says: “He’s such a media slag. He was an amazing footballer, I’ll give him that.

“But he’s sold his soul to the devil now — the media.

“If you sell your wedding for a million then the marriage becomes theirs.”

Sally’s not the first to diss Ms. Beckham. Former Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker was angry when Posh emerged with a perfect figure just weeks after giving birth, because it portrayed an unattainable body image for new mothers.

And while we’re in full Beckham bitchfest mode…

Victoria Beckham was voted the nation's most pointless celebrity in 2005, with husband David coming second. The former Spice Girl topped a poll of TV viewers who were left asking: "What is she for?"

Over to you now… who are your choices for the most pointless celebrities?


Betty said...

Britain is teeming with pointless celebrities who no one else in the world would know. A lot of them turn up at film premieres and parties or are in magazines, but I'm not sure exactly what they do. They include:

*Kerry Katona (used to be married to a former pop singer from the boyband Westlife)

*Brian McFadden (used to be married to Kerry Katona)

*Faria Alam (slept with the England football coach a few times)

*Coleen McCloughlin (girlfriend of footballer Wayne Rooney. Usually photographed after going on a shopping binge wearing a tracksuit. Oh, hang on, she's made a fitness video!)

*Jade Goody (was a runner up in a reality show years ago. I genuinely don't know what she does at all now)

Radmila said...

You mean besides Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie?

I can't stand Posh and Beck.
She's plastic, and he's the king of metrosexuals...actually, he was a pioneer of the feminization of straight men.

John said...

Abi Titmuss, former nurse. She became famous because her boyfriend was a TV presenter, and because will take her clothes off when requested, and because there's a sex tape out there with her, another female TV presenter, and another bloke. Was voted fourth most pointless celebrity by Channel 4 Viewers.

mare said...

bai ling, tara reid, paris and nicky hilton, nicole ritchie... party girls all.

i loved kathy griffin's summation of nicole richie's weight loss programme "a lot of pilates and throwing up"

Jacqueline said...

H.R.M Elizabeth II.

oh no...I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.